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    I have 124 [last count] of wrestling vhs to shift [​IMG]




    I have alot more to post.

    Price and currency: £1 per tape plus £11 per box shipped.
    Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
    Payment method: paypal
    Location: Barnstaple
    Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere
    Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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    Given even charity shops turn away VHS now, I genuinely wish you all the best selling this :D
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    As a LONG TIME wrestling fan, Silver vision ruined many of the WWF's master tapes such as Year In Review 92 the tagged clasics they released witohut WWE's permission has 93/94 then 95 and 96.

    What ppl need to realize, the dubbed tapes that footage u wont get too easily even for u to transfer to dvd n do as u wish with the tapes I'm sure somehow, someway some one "may" spot this?
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    Some of the ECW VHS tapes have the original entrance theme songs on them as well which were dubbed over with some terrible music in the dvd releases. When its New Jack match it really ruins it as Natural Born Killers all the crowd noise is blotted out.

    Funnily enough Wrestling VHS stuff does still sell.
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    Even WWe dubbed over WrestleMania's when they released them on DVD, not sure about the WWE Network Content, ECW & WCW ppv's have the themes dubbed also.

    Here is a list of what WWE edited in the WrestleMania's the vhs's may differ as I do know WrestleMania 1 has a full hour of footage missing [I have the CCTV version].

    WrestleMania 1 Edits

    * Phil Collins "Easy Lover" background music is taken out along with Vince McMahon running down the event.

    * Tito Santana's interview is cut down because of the WWF name change.

    * Lord Alfred Hayes is cut down before Greg Valentine's interview.

    * Junk Yard Dog's original song by Queen is replaced by JYD's rendetion of "Grab Them Cakes". Because of this Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon's audio cross talk is cut out.

    * The chyron (name slate) is taken out before Iron Sheik/Volkoff vs. Rotundo/Windham because the slate said "WWF Tag Champions". Rotundo and Windham's "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springstein is replaced with generic music.

    * The WrestleMania poster/program/hat/shirt promotional ad is gone. This happened originally after the Big John Studd interview.

    * The Intermission is gone of course.

    * After the Andre/Studd match, Alfred Hayes is edited down for using the WWF name again.

    * Chyron taken out for womens match because of WWF name.

    * For some reason Gene Okerlund interviewing Cyndi Lauper is zoomed in more than the original. Weird.

    * The Liberachi VHS glitch is taken out with little commentary missing.

    * Liberachi's music has been restored, actually changed to a newer version.

    * Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme has replaced the original "Eye of the Tiger" song.

    * The Beverly Hills Cop theme music has been taken out at the end recap and is replaced by generic music.

    * In the original end of WrestleMania you can hear Vince McMahon say something before they go to black... that is gone.

    WrestleMania 2 Edits

    * The WrestleMania 2 Logo at the beginning is gone.

    * The "Reconized Leader in Sports Entertainment" catchphrase is changed to "Recognized Leader in Sports" with a different announcers' voice. The background music is changed as well.

    * The segment with Rowdy Piper weighing himself and taping his wrists is gone. Originally in this part you can hear Howard Finkle announcing Jake Roberts the winner to his previous match with George Wells. So that was obviously missing. Mr. T's warm up is also missing.

    * During Corp. Kirchner's entrance, Monsoon's commentary is cut out for the revised new dvd music.

    * Uncle Elmer's music is changed. In the process we lose Elvira, Jesse Ventura and Lord Alfred Hayes funny cross talk. That is unfortunate.

    * A segment with Vince McMahon mentioning the East coast has been edited out.

    * The copyright is changed at the end.

    WrestleMania 3 Edits

    * Hillbilly Jim's music (Don't Go Messing With A Country Boy) has been changed.

    * After the Rowdy Piper/Adrian Adonis match, there was a promotional ad featuring Rick Martel and Tom Zenk selling WretleMania 3 gear. That is gone. It was followed by Gorilla Monsoon cross talk before intermission.

    * Intermission has obviously been edited out.

    * KoKo B. Ware's music has been changed to his "Piledriver" song.

    * Ricky Steamboat's music changed.

    * The glitch before the Andre the Giant/Heenan interview has been taken out.

    * Aretha Franklin's song at the end of the program has been replaced by "God Bless America" at the end of the show.

    WrestleMania 4 Edits

    * The opening music is changed and the Mean Gene Okerlund redubs the WWF voice intro to say World Wrestling Federation.

    * After Bob Ueker is introduced, Gorilla Monsoon runs down the Intercontinental, Tag Team and WWF World Title matches. On the DVD it is edited out. Jesse Ventura's history of the WWF comment is edited out as well.

    * Don Muraco and Billy Graham's music is changed.

    * Ricky Steamboat's music is changed.

    * Slick's "Jive Soul Bro" music is edited out, which ends up cutting out Howard Finkel's introduction of Butch Reed.

    * After the Ultimate Warrior/Hercules match, Mean Gene Okerlund shilling WrestleMania merchandise is edited out.

    * After intermission which is also cut out, Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon talk about Andre the Giant being the shortest world champion of all time at only 32 seconds. This was removed for the DVD.

    * Howard Finkel announcing Don Muraco for his second match is drowned out by the new DVD Muraco music.

    * After Ander chokes Bob Uecker, Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura go on about Ted Dibiase's master plan. It is edited out while Bobby Heenan and the Islanders come down to the ring.

    * The W.W.F. on the back of KoKo B. Ware's tights is blurred out. So we get a blurry butt instead.

    * Demolition's music is changed and Howard Finkel is drowned out again. Strike Force Chyron name slate is gone too. It said WWF on it.

    * Vana White's theme music is replace by some really dorky sounding music.

    * Rights Reserved of course changed. Original had Titan Sports on it.

    WrestleMania 5 Edits

    * The opening logo and music is changed again with Mean Gene Okerlund revoicing it.

    * Slick's music is changed again for the Rockers/Twin Towers match.

    * Demolition's music is changed.

    * The Piper's Pit segment with Rowdy Roddy Piper is heavily edited! Brother Love just disappears and in the original he had his kilt ripped off by Piper. So a very funny segment with Brother Love in his underwear is gone forever. The DVD also uses seperate camera shots compared to the VHS original while Piper interviews Downey.

    * Rights Reserved changed of course.

    WrestleMania 6 Edits

    * KoKo B. Ware's music is changed again, so a small bit of Howard Finkel is missing.

    * Demolition music changed. Haku/Andre name slate gone. Fink re-dubs the audio for Demolition as well.

    * WrestleMania hotline number edited out. 1-800-877-1414 and 213-480-3232.

    * Dusty Rhodes' "American Dream" music changed to generic music. So sad.

    * Intermission edited out... of course.

    * Orient Express music is changed. Too bad again.

    * Slick with Akeem music changed again. Fink had to re-dub the audio for the DVD.

    * Big Bossman's early 90's babyface music is replaced by his 1999 heel theme. So freaking sad! Why?!

    * Jimmy Snuka's music changed.

    * Steve Allen making fun of Superfly during Jimmy Snuka's entrance is gone. He calls Snuka "ugly" in the original release.

    * DVD slightly blacks out earlier than VHS at the end, but no big deal there.

    WrestleMania 7 Edits

    * WWF word edited out at beginning of Hart Foundation interview, and Sean Mooney is edited too.

    * The cross talk between Heenan and Monsoon after Hart Foundation's interview is edited out. 15 to 20 seconds of the two speaking about Power and Glory is gone. They mention how Power and Glory helped the Nasty Boys get the shot at the Hart Foundation. The VS. picture of the Nasty Boys and Hart Foudation is missing in all this too.

    * Titan's "Hot Ticket" promo by Gorilla Monsoon is missing.

    * Marla Maples saying "back to you Gene" mess up is fixed with audio magic. She was tossing to Gorilla Monsoon and called him Gene. DVD just says "back to you" with a fade to the next edit...

    * Superfly Jimmy Snuka's music is changed with the worst Howard Finkel re-dub in the whole box set. The DVD shows Howard Finkel right there and he is really not matching up or even saying the same thing in sync to the new re-dubbed audio. Watch for this one. It is horrible looking.

    * After the retirement match with Macho Man, there was an "instant replay" comedy segment featuring the Bushwhackers, Vince McMahon, George Steinbrenner and Paul McGuire. It was never that funny, but shouldn't have been cut out in my opinion. Gorilla and Bobby Heenan cross talk edited out following that.

    * Intermission gone.

    * Five seconds of Regis Philbmin is missing at the beginning of the Undertaker interview.

    * The Crush/Smash Demolition theme is replaced by the DVD version from the prior DVD's featuring Ax and Smash.

    * Tenru and Kitao's music is changed.

    * Big Bossman's babyface music is once again replaced by the not so good heel music.

    * After the Legion of Doom win, the Hot Ticket PPV promo is taken out again.

    * At the end Gorilla Monsoon says, "For Regis and the Brain, I'm Gorilla Monsoon" is gone.

    WrestleMania 8 Edits

    * A childs sign is blurred out because it said WWF on it at the beginning. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's cross talk is chopped way down due to Monsoon referring to the WWF name over and over again. They were running down title matches for the night.

    * Ric Flair's original music changed to his current version. Howard Finkel re-dubs again audio entrance again.

    * The Natural Disasters interview is cut down due to Earthquake saying "WWF".

    * Hotline number gone again. 1-900-909-WWF8 was the number. It is gone before the Natural Disasters/Money Inc. match. Lots of audio cut out during the entrances due to Heenan saying WWF.

    * WWF Fan Club promotional spot is gone. You can join at (203) 353-2800. Monsoon and Heenan talking about how cool the fan club is to join is gone.

    * The ending is blacked out early. "Bobby Heenan said, "I got to get out of here, I don't know what's happening!" is lost. He was referring to all the fireworks.

    WrestleMania 9 Edits

    * Jim Ross slightly edited out for saying WWF at the beginning.

    * After the Steiner Brothers/Headshrinkers match the hotline number featuring Tatanka is edited out. 1-900-909-9939.

    * After Razor Ramon beats Bob Backlund, the King of the Ring pay per view promo is missing.

    * Monsoon edited very slightly after Lex Luger/Mr. Perfect match.

    * WrestleMania hotline edited out after the Undertaker/Giant Gonzales match.

    * Small edit to Mr. Fugi while challenging Hulk Hogan for the "WWF" title.

    * Fades early at the end of the DVD by a few camera shots.

    WrestleMania 10 Edits

    * Small Vince McMahon edit after Little Richard finishes singing.

    * Fanfest highlights that are missing from the DVD include... Smoking Gunns, Hasbro Booth, Hillbilly Jim, Call a Match, and Sumo Wrestling Suits.

    * The music of Lelani Kai is changed.

    * The Quebecers music is changed.

    * After the WrestleMania six moment, the vignette for Lex Luger and Yokozuna is gone.

    * Before Todd Pettingill interviews Yokozuna and Jim Cornette, he is edited by 15 seconds, then again after Yokozuna yells "Banzai!"

    * Todd P. heavily edited down while interviewing the fake Bill Clinton.

    * The ad for the King of the Ring Pay Per View is gone.

    * Bret Hart's montage song featuring Tom Petty's "Make Some Noise" is changed. Yokozuna's music is changed too for the montage.

    * The whole DVD uses different camera angles and shots throughout the presentation.

    WrestleMania 11 Edits

    * After Nick Telturo's interview with Sid and HBK, Barry Didinski sells WWF Merchandise. It is edited out. 1-800-TITAN-91.

    * Todd Pettingill's interview with football legend George Martin is missing. Vince McMahon talking about the upcoming In Your House Pay Per View is missing. Owen Hart's introduction is missing some of McMahon and Jerry Lawler's cross talk.

    * After Yokozuna and Owen Hart with the tag team championship, Stephanie Wyann's fan festival report is edited out. We miss Adam Bomb with special olympic kids.

    * After the Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel match, an In Your House Pay Per View promotional ad is gone.

    * The rap group Salt 'N' Pepa is edited out before the Lawrence Taylor introduction. They sang "What a Man".

    * The DVD uses a different angle when King Kong Bundy gets knocked off the apron by a football player at the beginning of the L.T vs. Bam Bam Bigelow match. The DVD basically doesn't show the bad spot.

    * After L.T.'s victory, the DVD is heavily, heavily, HEAVILY edited. Salt 'N' Pepa singing is gone. Most of the celebration is gone. There is lots of audio reworking here. Too much to write about. Lots of heavy cutting and editing.

    * The original VHS had a press conference following with Lawerence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow. This is missing, but cannot technically be called an edit because it wasn't on the original pay per view.

    * The DVD actually seems better for WrestleMania 11 for some reason. This is my least favorite Mania of all time.

    WrestleMania 12 Edits

    * The opening Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels montage is re-voiced with different music.

    * After the opening match, Dok Hendrix and the WrestleMania hotline is edited out. 1-900-737-4WWF. The line also shows footage from the tag team match featuring the Body Donnas and The Godwinns from the Free For All.

    * The Rowdy Piper and Goldust montage has Michael Cole revoicing Todd Pettingill... most likely due to the new background music here.

    * After the Triple H vs. Ultimate Warrior match, a merchandise promo with Dok Hendrix is missing.

    * Before the Diesle vs. Undertaker match an In Your House ppv promo by McMahon is missing.

    * In the original VHS, during Diesel's entrance of the ring he states, "I'm the sh*t, I'm tellin' you!" Guess what is missing on the DVD?

    * After Diesel vs. Undertaker, they show Ultimate Warrior on AOL online. That is gone.

    * Dok Hendrix shilling WrestleMania plaques is missing after Piper beats Goldust. We also miss Piper's son Colton in the ring with him.

    * Another Hart/HBK vignette/montage is re-dubbed by Michael Cole because of different background music.

    * Trademark different at end.

    WrestleMania 13 Edits

    * Playstation presents... WrestleMania 13 gone.

    * Jim Ross audio cut out during the early crowd shots.

    * The Godwinn's and Hillbilly Jim music changed.

    * New Blackjack's interview is edited down at beginning.

    * Brian Pillman and Sunny with the superstar hotline number are edited out.

    * After the HHH vs. Goldust match, Marc Mero and Sable show off WrestleMania 13 shirts... it is gone for DVD.

    * The cross talk with Vince McMahon/Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross is gone after the Chicago Street Fight.

    * The Sycho Sid interview lacks Todd Pettingill's introduction of Sid.

    * After the Undertaker wins the WWF title, there are a few small audio edits because of the WWF name again.

    WrestleMania 14 Edits

    * The United States National Anthem and America the Beautiful was sung by the Degeneration X band. This was seen as very disrespectful at the time and the crowd booed it loudly. This has been edited out in a classy move by WWE.

    * The beginning vignette has been changed a little bit and the M&M sponsors are no where to be found.

    * Kevin Kelly and Honky Tonk Man's superstar phone line is missing.

    * The DX Public Workout is edited out.

    * Stone Cold on "Regis and Kathy Lee", Flash Funk on "Kids Company", Sable and Marc Mero eating at a famous restraunt, and the wrestlers at a special VIP dinner is all edited out.

    * Taka Michinoku's music has been changed.

    * After the Triple H vs. Owen Hart match, Stone Cold's "SCU" T-shirt promotional ad is missing.

    * Marc Mero's music has been changed. The Fink re-dubs his audio entrance.

    * Terry Funk and Cactus Jack in the America Online Room is gone.

    * A "WWF Attitude" commercial spot now has "WWE Entertainment" where it used to say "WWF Attitude".

    * After the Tag Team Dumpster match, a Pay Per View ad for Unforgiven is played, followed by King and J.R. talking the next Pay Per View up. That is missing.

    * Howard Finkel had to re-voice the announcement in the main event stating that HHH and Chyna must leave ringside.

    * It should be noted this is the first WrestleMania to use the "scratch logo". That logo has to be blurred out because of the World Wildlife Foundation lawsuit on WWF.

    * The original VHS release also had a press conference at the end with Stone Cold and Mike Tyson. This is missing, but wasn't technically part of the actual event so you can't count it as an edit.

    WrestleMania 15 Edits

    * The fans interviewed about WrestleMania 15 before the show is edited out.

    * Howard Finkel re-dubs Al Snow's entrance.

    * The tag team championship graphic has been changed to say WWE.

    * Howard Finkel re-dubs Big Show's entrance.

    * There is a small Roaddogg edit when he refers to WWF.

    * Tori's music has been changed.

    * The hilarious Shane McMahon/Mean Street Posse vignette has been edited out completely. I can't think of a single reason this was removed other than it makes Shane McMahon look like a wussy. This was to be only his second match and he was only thought of as a lucky winner back then. I think WWE wants him to seem like more of a threat now. It is unfortunate they took this spot out as it was very funny.

    * The original VHS had post match interviews with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Those are gone.

    WrestleMania 16 Edits

    * Howard Finkel has re-dubbed the introduction of Lillian Garcia who sings the National Anthem.

    * The WrestleMania Logo has been changed to say WWE.

    * The WWF Fan Axxess has been heavily edited due to wrestlers referring to WWF.

    * Steve Blackman's music has been changed and as a result we lose Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's audio commentary because Howard Finkel had to re-dub the entrance with the new music.

    * Test and Albert's music has been changed. Once again we lose J.R. and King's audio commentary. Fink once again re-dubs the entrance. And at the end of the tag team match Jim Ross and Lawler's commentary is cut out while Al Snow and Steve Blackman beat up Chester McCheesy. This whole tag match has a lot of signs of LAZY LAZY LAZY editing by the people who put these DVD's together.

    * Kat's music is changed.

    * After the women's match, an ad for WrestleMania 2001 (17) is missing. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler then talked up the next WrestleMania. This is all missing.

    * Howard Finkel re-dubs the rules and opening announcement for the triple threat match.

    * Kurt Angle's entrance is re-dubbed.

    * The original VHS had post match interviews with a lot of the wrestlers. This has been cut out.

    WrestleMania 17 Edits

    * The opening Limp Bizkit theme was "My Way or the Highway" and it has been replaced by "Adrenaline Rush".

    * William Regal's music has been changed to his current 2008 music.

    * After the APA and Tazz defeat Right To Censor, the ad for the WrestleMania Special Edition Magazine is gone.

    * Jim Ross's audio is cut out while Jimmy Snuka is at WWF New York.

    * The Australian fan has been edited down because she said WWF rules.

    * WWF at Fort Hood in Texas has been heavily edited due to soldiers and wrestlers reffering to WWF. The background music is changed too.

    * The McMahon's vignette has different background music.

    * WWF Axxess is heavily edited due to WWF initials being said over and over again by people.

    * Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan, Kamala, Jim Cornette, Nikolia Volkoff, and Hillbilly Jim's music has all been changed for the gimmick battle royal.

    * J.R.'s audio cut out during the Triple H and Undertaker graphic.

    * Undertaker's Limp Bizkit theme "Keep Rollin" has been changed to his 1999 Ministry of Darkness theme.

    * The WWF Music: Volume Five promotional ad has been removed.

    * The winner of the WWF & Limp Bizkit sign contest has been removed. Johnathan Coachman originally interviewed a young kid named William.

    * The Rock and Stone Cold's vignette music has been changed due to Limp Bizkit music.

    * Paul Heymen and Jim Ross are slightly edited down before the main event introductions.

    WrestleMania 18 Edits

    * Spike Dudley's music has been changed.

    * The "Don't Try This At Home" warning ad has been changed to a newer version.

    * Ric Flair and Undertaker's vignette background music is different from the original.

    * Undertaker's Limp Bizkit Theme is replaced by his 1999 Ministry of Darkness music.

    * Edge's "Never Gonna Stop" theme performed by Rob Zombie is replaced by Edge's old WWF music which was "You Think You Know Me". Because of this Howard Finkel re-dubs the entrace audio and we miss out on Jim Ross talking about Rob Zombie and the Forceble Entry CD.

    * Scott Hall's N.W.O. music is changed!!! Howard Finkel has to re-dub the entrance audio.

    * Fan Axxess is edited heavily again due to the WWF name.

    * During APA's entrance, some of Jim Ross' audio is missing.

    * The Hogan/Rock vignette is slightly altered due to the WWF name.

    * Hulk Hogan's NWO theme is changed to some generic music!!! Howard Finkel has to re-do the audio entrance again.

    * Trish Stratus' old 2002 theme music has been replaced with her most recent music from 2005. Howard Finkel has to re-dub the entrance.

    WrestleMania 19 Edits

    * Ashanti singing "America the Beautiful" has been edited out.

    * The opening vignette has a background music change and is missing some of the wrestler's audio dialog.

    * The DVD has different camera angles when Limp Bizkit does their first performance for Undertaker's entrance.

    * After the Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls met Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson, you could hear a production person saying "Great job guys! Let's move on from there!" This has obviously been removed.

    * The Snickers Cruncher presents graphic is edited out while Trish Stratus is in the ring for her entrance.

    * Victoria's TATU theme has been replaced with different music.

    * An ad for Bill Goldberg has been removed.

    * Torrie Wilson's playboy magazine spot is missing.

    * Booker T and HHH's background vignette music has been changed.

    * The DVD is missing a WrestleMania 20 ad. Michael Cole and Tazz did some cross talk about WrestleMania 20. They also thank Limp Bizkit here. This is all missing.

    * Another Snickers Cruncher graphic is missing right before the Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon match.

    * Hulk Hogan's "Jimmy Hendrix" entrance music has been edited out and is replaced with "Real American". Thank you!

    * The Rock vs. Steve Austin vignette has different background music from the original.

    WrestleMania 20 Edits

    * John Cena telling the fans to say "Damn Straight" when he asks everybody if they are ready to represent is edited out. Instead the crowd just yells damn straight after he asks making it look as if he never asked them to say it.

    * The John Cena vs. Big Show match has small edits throughout it.

    * The Dudley Boyz music is changed.

    * Evolution vs. The Rock and Mick Foley has small match edits.

    * The Hall of Fame inductees music is different.

    * An ad for SmackDown! on UPN featuring Rey Mysterio Jr. is cut out. It is replaced with a WWE commercial.

    * Sable's entrance is cut down by five seconds. We lose Tazz talking.

    * The Snicker's Cruncher graphic has been removed along with some of Torrie Wilson's in ring entrance.

    * Stacy Keibler's music has been changed. Kid Rock sang the original "Legs" remix.

    * Chavo Guerrero's 2004 music is replaced with his current music as of 2008.

    * There are different camera angles used for Ultimo Dragon's entrance. He slips and falls two times in his entrance on the original Pay Per View.

    * A fan holding a sign that said "Brock Sold Out" has been cut out.

    * Bill Goldberg missed a beer that Steve Austin tossed to him after his match. This has been edited out to save him some face.

    * Steve Austin's celebration after stunning Bill Goldberg has been heavily edited down. It has for the most part been totally cut out. Austin rides out and down the entrance ramp. I believe that they cut all this due to Miller Lite. You can see the beer completely in a lot of the original. So maybe WWE did not want to take a risk at having to pay them.

    * Victoria's original music by TATU is changed to a more recent intro of hers.

    * A graphic promoting RAW for the next night is gone. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross talking it up is gone. This was all at the start of the Molly Holly/Victoria match.

    * The vignette for Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle's match has different background music in some spots.

    * The Snickers Cruncher graphic is edited out while Kane is in the ring for his entrance.

    * Before the vignette for the triple threat match main event, the graphic featuring Benoit, Triple H and HBK is slightly edited down.

    * The WrestleMania montage at the end has different music in some spots from the original.

    WrestleMania 21 Edits

    * The Money in the Bank Ladder Match has a few match edits.

    * Christy's Hemme's music is changed.

    * The Snicker's Cruncher graphic is gone during Christy Hemme's in ring entrance.

    * Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about Backlash after Piper's Pit. This is edited out.

    * Akebono's entrance to the ring has a lot of different camera angles from the original pay per view.

    * Tony Chimmel going over the Sumo Match rules is edited out.

    * An ad for WrestleMania 22 in Chicago is missing.

    * Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's cross talk going into the main event vignette is taken out.

    * Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's cross talk coming out of the vignette is missing too.

    * Some of the ending music for the montage is different.

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