WOW !! -Sharps new deep LCD at IFA Show.


Dynamic Constrast can be meaningless though and a lot higher than the proper native/constant ratio. The real ratio is probably around 10,000 which is still pretty good.


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The video on the HDTVtest link is amazing.

As for the first one the reporter made me laugh when she pronounced I - F - A 07 as "EE FA 07"

Reminded me of the Arabic character on Fonejacker who pronounces acronyms such as DOOVDE for DVD and Duhfs instead of DFS etc.


EDIT - any chance one of the mods could change the title of the thread to read 20mm and not 29cm? It would be "slightly" more impressive.


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You know, I really don't understand why companies like Sharp show off displays like this.

From what I understand, these aren't going to be available for a very long time (if at all) and will be very expensive to produce - I've heard rumours that they're using two LCD panels - one for the actual image, and the other to block out the light on a per-pixel basis to produce this high contrast ratio. (so it's similar to LED backlighting, but rather than adjusting the backlight, which is quite a coarse adjustment, you can block off a single pixel if you need to)

To me, all this does is highlight how poor their current displays are, and puts me off buying anything right now, as they've shown that significantly better products are possible/coming in the future.

As for the first one the reporter made me laugh when she pronounced I - F - A 07 as "EE FA 07"
Isn't that how it's supposed to be pronounced? Every video I've seen from there in the past has had people call it "EE FA."

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