WOW.. PWD8 running Linux Matrix S.saver



Last night I hocked up my PWD8 to my laptop running Suse 10 (Linux) and got dual screen working (F.Y.I. monitor --> 1600x1200 & res --> 1600x1200).

I've always had this really annoying black/grey fuzzy signal (in areas that should be displaying black) whenever running a PC via VGA Sub input. Last night I finally got rid of it simply by changing the contrast and brightness levels to around 0-5 on both.

Two OpenGL screen savers that look absolutly awesome!!!:clap:
  • GLMatrix - A 3-Dimentional animated look at the Matrix glyph with camera panning. This looks very very cool on a plasma.:thumbsup:
  • Euphoria(GL) - Undescribable, but very colourful. The colour output is so pure!! Seriously outstanding display.:thumbsup:

This is probably the best I've seen my PWD8 look.. Very tempted to buy the DVI video board now!!

I will take photos if there is demand, but you know you never get it looking as good as it does in reality.

P.s. I anyone wants to try this, you will require a decent graphic card & a copy of Suse linux (


Sorry it took so long.

I must stress that these photo's really don't do justice to what the eye sees...

GLMatrix - Lights on

GLMatrix - Lights off

Euphoria - Lights on

Euphoria - Lights off

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