Question WOW its now a minefield choosing 4k/hdr 600


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hi guys

having spent years with a lg 1080p set ive finally decided to go 4k as i have a xbox one s and will be buying the x

i have spent ages looking at sets and then something puts me off because either its bad picture ,hdr is not great due to no local dimming etc etc

Can anyone suggest a decent quality set around the 500-600(max) mark that will give good upscaling from sky hd and also have decent hdr for my xbox one s ,

ones ive looked at and thought that looks ok but then see some negative stuff which puts me off :(

hisense m3300
panasonic dx700b (really liked this one but people say hdr is pants)
lg 49 inch one, yet again reviews say its not great at upscaling

the only ones ive not looked into in depth is the samsung because there seem to be tons of different versions :(

looking at 49-55 inch also thankyou


HDR TVs for gamers - Buying Guide

I'm afraid you will need to spend a lot more otherwise you will only be able to afford a TV that only has better colour with HDR.

Receiving a HDR signal and displaying it are two very different things.

Also, without good HDR apreciating UHD is more important. Most games can't be rendered at high graphical settings, high frame rate at UHD. But when they are you will want to sit close enough to take advantage of the extra resolution. You need to view aprox twice as close vs FHD which is very close, even on much larger screen sizes, see; UHD vs FHD

Upscaling FHD is usually fine, but for any standard definition channel on sky, an UHD TV will make it look bad, especially a cheaper one. This is because UHD TVs look a lot poorer stretching the picture to the larger resolution vs FHD ones.
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wow thats now blown my bubble on buying any :(

im sure there must be a couple of sets out there in my price range that at least have some half decent hdr and decent upscaling as a first time buyer

ive been closley looking at the panasonic dx750b and the samsung 6100


The Panasonic DX-750 is a great tv for everything SDR, just falls short for HDR only offering better colour.

Lacks local dimming and good brightness. It is the best you can get in your price range thats for sure.

Not sure which 6100 Samsung that is, do you mean the KU6100? MU6100? Both those tv's are vastly inferior to the Panasonic you mentioned, they don't even have wide colour gamuts for better colour with HDR.

Try and save up to 1k if you can, come the same time next year you will likely be able to pick up a decent HDR tv for the money, probably something like a Sony XE90.

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