Wow, how cool is Sky HD! I LOVE IT!



Came across from TW TVDrive when I could get a good deal. Deal with half price, total new install (so now I have Sky HD, and Sky+ in the living room, meaning we can tape three channels and watch another), another sky box for the bedroom, total re-wiring of the house (which is three floors and very long on the ground floor (27m from Sat to Tv), got an additional dish (so two now). Total cost for the entire package was the same as TW but, as we all know, I now have HD movies and sport! Cost was 149, plus £20 tip for the installer due to his three hours of work he did for me because it was a Sunday and I was the last job (he was a sub-contractor).

Happy happy days! :clap:


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Nice to hear of another satisfied HD customer, enjoy & have a great Christmas in High Definition :)


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I too love Sky HD. I will love it more when Sky up the bit-rate or when I get a TV like the Sony X series. Otherwise it is worth the extra £10 pre month.:)

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