Wow, 37" 1080p "HDR" LCD for only $50k!


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Thought this may be of interest:

"Do you remember the first time you saw a High Definition (HD) video? Colours so vivid; detail so crisp; a picture so sharp that it literally made your brain hurt? Well, believe it or not, when you take a perfectly decent LCD HDTV and place it next to BrightSide's HDR display, the latter raises the bar so significantly in terms of clarity and image quality that you'd swear the first display was standard definition. In short, HDR to HDTV easily matches the difference that HDTV makes over SDTV."

The worlds first High Dynamic Range display with a watercooled backlight. :D
Can someone lend me $50,000?

(Page 5 onwards of the article to see the BrightSide DR37-P, for those of you that want to skip the intro etc.)


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I always said, I'd put off getting and lcd until they were 1920x1080p with hdmi at a reasonable price, HDR has now been added to my list. - I just can't Imagine real blacks though - even plasmas have some light bleeding.

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