Would your death upset you?


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I assume CVD = cardiovascular disease? Covers a range of heart diseases?

Know nothing about this except a lot of risk management is necessary which could involve lifestyle changes.

IMO you need to take it on board, accept it, and research what can be done to help you along this path. Seek help from the professionals.

The worst thing is feeling sorry for yourself - don't go there.

Thinking about it at 2 o'clock in the morning when you are at your lowest ebb is not recommended!

BT Bob

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It might not upset you, but I imagine the family & friends you leave behind may feel a little miffed at your premature passing!!


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Just got told today that I am high risk for serious cvd within ten years, bring it on I say it will be fantastic to get away from this crap

Totally agree with Alan CD. From my own experience....I am 46. I had a crap couple of years that ended in a mild heart attack last June. Prior to that point I thought "didnt give a toss if I died or not"
That changed though when I was sat in hospital and knew I had heart attack but did not know how serious. Realised I was scared and was not actually wanting to die when it came down to it for all my talk. Anyway had a stent fitted to open artery went to cardio rehab for a few months and did what I was told. Was worried at times especially in the night sat on my own. Getting towards a year later I have lost weight, take tablets as perscribed, go to gym as often as I can And generally feel fitter than what I have done in years. But as important It changed my attitude to life. Not in a bucket list type of way, I will never be a sky diver love my TV too much, but in that my depression is alot better and I do not worry as much about the stupid things and stupid people in life. It was a warning to me and I look at it in a positive way what happened. Believe me, I am not normally a positive person by any means as well. I dont want any of this to sound like a lecture as I am the last person to give one. Please take care.


Ned, ye daft old sod!
I'm not having any of this, mate.

Seriously though, there's not a lot I can say other than to echo what others have said, Steve and Bob's posts especially.
You know where I am if you want a chat or anything.
Chin up, old boy and take it easy.

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