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If you were me would you wait. I have been itching to get my hands on a 40" LCD but now have my doubts as to whether there is enough HD material to warrant it just yet.
The thing is I have a Loewe 32" CRT which is 5 years old (at the time it was the biz) and together with my NTL cable STB delivers a really great picture. It even handles my HT stuff well, although on todays standards the screen is a little small.
The debate came up when recently a pal of mine bought a Sony 40" and helping him to set it up I couldn't help noticing the poor quality (compared to mine) of SD programmes. The HD wildlife stuff on BBC HD was truly superb, but he can't watch that all day. I know he is disappointed and I don't want to go the same way.
Give me some guidanace. Should I wait till there is more HD sources available or what?


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Although my Loewe CRT set is eight years old,I am in the same position of wanting a larger screen,but not wanting to sacrifice comparable quality on SD transmissions.
Both LCD,and Plasma,panels still appear to have problems,so one is afraid of making a sideways,or downwards,move.


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I faced this dilemma and I have not really noticed the lack of quality in SD transmissions since buying my Tosh LCD.

I have SkyHD and a HD-DVD player and the uplift in quality they provide more than makes up for the fall in SD PQ. You could argue all day about the content but I believe that with all the football, two movie channels, SkyOne HD series such as Rescue Me, Lost and Bones plus the fabulous BBCHD and DiscoveryHD then your sacrifice is more than worth it.

The Loewe is a decent CRT set but as you stated it is a number of years old now. Better stuff is out there and why wait? The prices of LCDs are extremely competitive now and good value can be found pretty easily.

Good luck with your decision - I for one have never regretted it.


and a sky HD box converts everything thats going out into HD, so the SD is already formatted in HD for the Screen.


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The guy I mentioned earlier has a Virgin V+ STB and his SD stuff looks awful on his Sony 40" Brav... is Sky that much better?


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The guy I mentioned earlier has a Virgin V+ STB and his SD stuff looks awful on his Sony 40" Brav... is Sky that much better?

I have no experience of Virgin so can only relate to SkyHD. It certainly seems that the transmission of the SD channels is improved as the box / screen upscales the SD material.


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I too am in a similar position.

I have a 29" Sony CRT that is fine........but would like to upgrade.

Hoewever I watch straight forward digital freeview have a VCR and an ordinary DVD....so no HD at all and no particular plans to have any.

So its "horses for courses" if you have HD of some sort then go for it.I too think that SD on flat panel is poor.

I will wait (unless the Sony packs up).


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