Would you swap Mission M72 for Sony Pascal 835s?

Bristol Pete

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Moving into a new flat on saturday and at present I am not sure if I can accomodate my Mission M72 set which comprises of the stand mounted M72s, the M7ds and the m7cs along with the stancette stands.

I have been offered the Sony 835s at a nice price which I can also get lowered by part exchanging against the missions.

However, what sort of sonic sacrifice would I be making if I were to trade them. Ultimately, they may suit the flat better simply due to the size if that makes sense. I know they have had mixed reviews, some love, some hate, but I theorise that some sound is better than no sound.

So, in summary, has anyone switched speakers like this before now?If yes, please advise.



PS, I would keep my REL Quake.


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I wouldn't touch the Pascals with a barge pole! :nono: Bright, harsh and very unnatural sounding.

How about a set of Mission M71's or even the little M70's? I have both M72 and M70's - very likable & even the baby-sized (and wall-mountable) M70's are a big step up from the Sony tins.

If you can afford a bit more, the new Mission M30's look very well made and should be a step up in sound quality from the M7 range too.
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