would you need dual core laptop for gaming ?


Hi gona buy a laptop in the next few days to take on holiday with me for watching some DVD`s and some gaming while hung over. staying in a Villa out in the sticks so need some entertainment to take with me.

Any way I am guessing that Dual core in laptops means you can run 2 or 3 programes at a time with out the CPU going up to a 100%, think the word is multi tasking.

With me just wanting to use the laptop for gaming and watching the odd DVD Would I need a dual core laptop ? Would it make game play a lot smoother ?

from reading around I have learnt I will need a decent graphics card in my laptop anything as low as the ATI x1400.

I am considering buying 1 of these 2 laptops at the minute



thanks for any help !



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There a newer games coming out that will use both cores but if your only using it for bit of gaming and watching a movie then you don't really need them.


thanks mate for info ! Any ideas which laptop is better for gaming out of the 2 laptops I linked in my first post ?

sopose I would want to play the latest games like F.E.A.R and resident evil 4 when it comes out for the PC



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From the same seller i got the Dell with 2ghz dual core, 2gb ddr2 667mhz ram, nvidia 7800 card (equivalent to the x1600) 100gb HD for just over £900.

He has machines on there with the nvidia 7900, which is twice as fast as my video card. They do have a slower processor and less ram however for £900.

It is a matter of waiting, as he updates daily, for the machine with the spec you are after.
Personally if i was into gaming i would head straight for a nvida 7900 loaded machine with 2gb of ram. It is a seriously powerful notebook card.

For the record at medium resolutions my machine will run Prey and F.E.A.R with all settings on high with no problems at all.

The seller is very punctual and i would use again, just check the ram specs as some machines come with 520mhz ram as opposed to 667mhz.

It is a huge laptop however and bright screens and video cards suck the life out of the battery.


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