Would you happen to know/be TCB protocol developer


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As I've indicated in a separate thread, I've been working on a software program to allow a Linux PC to interact with the TMA units via the TAGtronic Communication Bus. I've made some progress, but it's difficult to move forward with the limited documentation available and no visibility to the units' source code.

I would really benefit from understanding a bit more how the protocol has been implemented in the units and what I can expect the software in the units to do. My intention is to make the software I'm developing freely available under GPL license if I ever manage to make it do anything useful.

Would you happen to be the software engineer who developed the TCB protocol? Or would you happen to know who (s)he was and whether (s)he could be contacted?

I'll even buy you a beer if you still live near Huntingdon or visit the area at some point.

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What are you trying to do? have you reached the limits of the RS232 commands?

If you explain the specifics of the requirement, you might tempt someone like Stevesky to answer your question.

You might also be able to get an answer from John of JMREQ fame.


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My first 'application' objective is to read FM and DAB station information from the AV192 and to tune different stations from a PC. I also want to change between zone I and II, control volume and in the future probably also other aspects of the processor.

Ultimately I want to automate various functions in my home cinema using a PC as the brain. Interacting with the Tag equipment is one part of the overall plan, and the TCB protocol looked to me more comprehensive than the RS232, so I gave it a crack.

After playing around with it for a while it looks like its not quite working as I would have expected based on the documents. Would I be better of by using the RS232 capability instead?


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