Would you buy your LCD again?



Finding good information on these boards can be a bit frustrating at times amongst 77 page threads :eek: , people comparing totally different panels & the odd fanboy. Anyway I had an idea of a good thread which will hopefully help people just dropping by to see which are the favourite panels. I haven't bought mine yet, but I'm hoping this thread will help.

So, to people who own them only - if you had your time over, would you buy your LCD again? Or would you plump for something different? Completely satisfied? Niggles? Great points?

As short & concise as possible would be good, thanks.

We would definitely buy ours again... Sony Bravia KDLW40A12U. Absolutely love it! Takes a little while to get the picture to look how you want it, like any new telly I suppose...
The sound is fantastic. Menu easy to navigate. Dvd and xbox picture stunning. One gripe... wish it had either another component input or another hdmi.

I bought a JVC LT32DS6 and would buy it again if all I cared about was picture quality, sound, connections and looks. However the EPG on the digital tuner is driving me mad so I probably wouldn't buy it again knowing it's limitations.
Yeah I would get my Panny again. PQ is awesome with the 360 and DVD's, SD not bad at all (depends on the channel)

A few more imputs wouldn't hurt though...
A model number would be useful suicida, can you edit your post to include it, thanks.

I would buy my Sammy LE32R41BD again and my opinion of it is:

- Freeview - always been superb, seems almost as good as DVD at times
- PC VGA - excellent 1:1 pixel mapping using Powerstrip at 1366x768
- PC (DVI to HDMI lead) - not great due to HDMI overscan
- DVD (via component) - much better after firmware upgrade
- Analogue - never use this

What I really want tho' is a 32" Philips Clear LCD with 1080p. :rolleyes:
Making a decision on which one to buy is so hard, and when you do you worry if you've made the right choice. I went for toshiba 32WLT58, and oh yes I would definitely buy it again - superb, PQ excellent on DTV,sky and dvd - can't tell difference between sky and DTV picture! Some though have reported a terrible picture on DTV on this set!

I am extremely happy with my decision, but would I be as happy with another LCD - I don't know as I haven't had one to compare! However much you try them out and compare in the shop etc it will be totally different when you get it home remember! I too spent hours upon hours going through these threads and doing research, in the end it's down to you!
I am in the process of changing my current Samsung LE32R41BDX purely and simply because I should have gone for 37" in the first place :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Would I buy it again?
Yes, overall I think I would.
PQ via the inbuilt Freeview is very good, (and I am in an area where officially I shouldn't be getting a reception!), and DVD playback via component through my cheap TEAC player is excellent. I love it.

I am swapping for a JVC LT73D6 due to the good reviews it has received and sincerely hope that I won't be disappointed.
every set i've had 2 x jvc and 1 x tosh has had the backlight buzz, so no i wouldnt buy the same set again, actually i wouldnt buy an LCD period until the buzz has gone.
Sony V32 Bravia, most definitely again :clap:
Would def buy mine again. In fact after realising it had a manufacturing fault after two months had the offer of a replacement or refund, just went and asked for the same TV again.

Panasonic TX32LXD52.

My only regret is that I currently can't connect my laptop into it, but I'm working on that one. (Couldnt justify the extra £350 for the TX32LXD500 just for that feature).
I bought a LG 32LX2R 2 months ago and so far Ive been extremely impressed with it. The picture through HD sources is nothing short of amazing, with SD the picture is more than acceptable. Looks beautiful too. Ive also certainly never experienced any backlight buzz.

It would be nice to have an extra set of component ports, but its no biggie.
I would buy the Samsung Le32r4 again

Xbox360 (via component) - very nice
DVD (via RGB switchbox) - very nice
Sky + (via RGB switchbox) - nicer than expected, but some channels are soft looking.

Overall, the picture quality is better than expected, as prior to setting my own one up, I had only ever seen the ones on display in currys running non-hidef signals.

It took a bit of tinkering, but my RGB sky+ signal is good, and does not feel like a step down from my CRT. DVD's look very good, and the Xbox360 really looks loverly in 720p (even if some jaggies are a little more noticeable)

And for £700 for a TV I intend to keep for 3/4 years is good value. Far better value than the proposed £700 for a SkyHD box :rotfl:
Originally had a Samsung LE40R51 which I then replaced with a JVC LT-37DS6... used mainly watching Sky+ on a RGB scart input, and also DVD's.

Actually had 2 Samsungs - first made a very loud buzzing sound right from day one, then the second had an exploding power supply... so wouldn't buy another Samsung because of concerns over their build quality. If this wasn't an issue though, after comparing the two, picture quality wise I definately wouldn't buy the samsung again. The RGB scart input was unusable, and the general picture quality wasn't much better either - occasionally blocky, and motion blur was quite common.

I'm very impressed with the JVC, even watching football & cricket on Sky Sports is pretty good... DVD's via component input are sharp and crystal clear. One drawback is the native PC input resolution of 1024x768, but I believe this can be easily adjusted... For the price I paid (£1280) I am very happy with this TV, and would definately buy it again or recommend it to others...
I bought my 32LX2R as a short term measure before proper 1080p panels were launched at a reasonable price but I have been so impressed by it that I'm not at all sure I'd want a different one because (to use Dogboat's list :smashin: ):

- Freeview - (via Topfield PVR RGB SCART into AV1) Superb! Films particularly look stunning presumably due to the extra bandwidth available as a consequence of the lower framerate.

- PC VGA - Excellent! (1:1 pixel mapping straight out of the box) at 1360x768 (or 1366x768 if your graphics card allows it).

- PC DVI - Perfect! (1:1 pixel mapping straight out of the box) at 1360x768 (ditto) this is truly gobsmacking quality. The HDMI port also allows 1:1, but I don't need to use it at present - come on Sky FCOL!

- DVD (via HTPC) - Best I've ever seen SD DVDs look due to 1:1 mapping from PC and proper upscaling by Windows MCE 2005. Looks close to HD.

- Analogue - never use this as only 4:3 aspect and hey, I don't need it.

Like I said above, what I really want is an LCD with 1080p but I'm quite happy to wait with my LG until the right one comes along.

My only criticism of the LG is the black level which doesn't bother me but you need to leave a light on in the room. All LCDs currently do this to a greater or lesser extent though and the LG is not especially good or bad.
I would by my Sammy LE23T51B again, but get a bigger version of it!
Would definately buy again, and again, and again... :D :D :D

Exellent PQ, even on Freeview.
DVD via Sammy HD950 over HDMI is excellent, even XVids and DivX look pretty amazing.
PS2 (Yes PS2!!!) via component is also very good, I wasn't expecting much.. Pro Evo 5 looks excellent and GT4 is simply amazing... No blurring whatsoever, except if its a cold day and the heating is off, then maybe a tiny bit for 5mins while it warms up.
I just can't wait to see some proper HD content on it now, whether it be Sky HD or Blue Ray on PS3.

Same gripe as most people tho.... Need more HDMI/Component inputs!

This will only get relegated to a Bedroom TV when 1080p becomes more widley available/affordable...
I use my JVC LT32DS6 mainly hooked up through a PC using the VGA connection. By default it isn't 16:9 but a 1024:768 resolution when using the VGA connection. Through advice on these forums you can get it natively mapped 1:1 at something like 1368 * 768 using powerstrip but to be honest I couldn't spot much of a difference. Always at the back of my mind whether I'm getting the sharpest picture possible !!
Was looking at the new ATI video cards with HDMI output thinking I might get native 1:1 mapping but from what I read here is that HDMI wouldn't support 1368:768.

sony v32. i maybe think i would buy the 40 inch this time, or go for the new samsungs instead. i still feel ripped off that they stripped a lot of features away from the european models of the bravias.

I would definitely buy my LCD again. It's a Sony MFM-HT75W, and after spending nearly £6k on LCDs over the last few months, I bought it as a stopgap until the next generation of LCDs was released. This little screen has impressed me more than any other LCD, and that includes Sony's own BRAVIA range.

It doesn't have any SCART sockets, and sadly no built-in Freeview tuner. (for me, I'd want one or the other; I only use SCART for my Freeview box anyway)
It has DVI-D, VGA, Component, S-Video, Composite and RF.

Response times are great once the set has warmed up, and blacks in anything other than a pitch-black room, are better than I've seen on any display I've seen, regardless of type, thanks to Sony's X-Black technology. Images have a richness and depth I've not seen on any other screen.

With VGA / DVI you have manual colour temperature adjustments, which is great for calibration, although you can't seem to change it at all for the other inputs. If anyone knows how to get into the service menu for this screen I'd appreciate it. The regular Sony code just seems to turn it on to channel 5.

Television through S-Video is decent, but not fantastic, however I mainly use the screen for playing games. PS2/Xbox/Gamecube look great over component in 480p, and my Xbox 360 looks fantastic over VGA.

Movies look superb from my Oppo DV971H connected up over DVI, as does my Powerbook connected up for desktop use.

The built in speakers are decent for the size of them, but for games/movies I still use my proper sound system.

For £350 from EmpireDirect, this was a real bargain, although I think I got the last one - they had it in a sale, and it's no longer listed on the website.
I own the Sharp p50e and would buy again. PQ is very good across the board. Only negatives are like with most LCD's viewing angles could be better and I would like to able to watch from 5-6ft which can be difficult on my 37 inch.

It will do me though for the next 3-5 years or probably longer depending on how long it takes HD to become the norm. It will also depend on the benefit of HD on a HD set over the SHarp and how for technology has moved on. I think though that I may look at Plasmas or SED(if they are available by then) next time.
I was a (relatively) early adopter - Panny TX22-LT2: can't remember exactly, it was about three years ago!

Even though PQ is not anything like what you can now get, it is still very good - I have mine connected to a Panny DMR20 DVD-R, which has built-in Freeview and you can tell the difference between decent transmissions and poor ones (BBC News 24, to my eyes, is much worse than Sky News). DVDs have always, of course, been good.

As this is a second TV (in the kitchen/family room), space saving design of an LCD was one of the reasons for buying it.

The 'stability' of the picture (compared to a CRT/interlaced screen) is always noticeable. I just wish it was a bit brighter/better blacks - and sometimes it is not the best with footie; but it is now an 'old' set.

In this day of on-screen logos, not having to worry about screen-burn from having CBeebies (daytime!) or Sky News/Sports News (evening!) on all the time, is a blessing.
Congrats everyone on some good honest advice - it's really great to see some positive comments on here for a change instead of the usual this bug, that bug 'my screen's better than yours' crap!

We should have more threads like this to convince occasional viewers that LCD, etc. are really very good now and not a waste of money for anything but PC/HD.

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