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My 2019 65 E9 OLED provided 2 years of good service. It had very good uniformity until it developed a line of dead pixels.

John Lewis sent out a local inspector about 7 weeks ago to confirm the fault. They then scheduled a panel replacement. It took ages for the repair centre to get an E9 panel in. Eventually it gets fitted last week; but the day after, I notice that it has terrible uniformity! Much worse than the previous panel (see the attached pic).

I got in contact with John Lewis at the end of last week and provided them with the pictures. They agree that it looks much worse. They scheduled a local repairer to come out on Monday there to inspect it to confirm the fault, which, whilst an inconvenience, was acceptable. The repairer gave me a call Monday afternoon and confirmed from the notes that the visit wouldn't be needed, as it's plain as day worse than before; and that they would write a report to John Lewis to that effect. I agreed.

They sent the reports, but oddly, the repair centre contacted me and advised me that John Lewis told them they didn't want to hear from them on the report! I gave John Lewis a call and it turns out that they do not accept the report and instead want to instruct ANOTHER report. I can't accept that, as it stinks of "shopping around for a report until they get someone to say that it's within spec"; despite the fact that (well, look at it). In the mean time, this case has been going on for 2 months without resolution.

I'm at an impasse with John Lewis and they just don't want to hear it.

What should my next course of action be?


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