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Would this set up work?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by ginger, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. ginger


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    Currently got Tosh 32wl48 with Sky + via RGB SCART, PS2 via Component and Panny S97 DVD via HDMI.

    I'm not overly impressed by the HDMI and suspect it's the input on the Tosh. I also want to use separate speakers (just fronts & centre). Was thinking of doing the following:

    Buy an AV receiver with HDMI input (e.g. Panny SAXR70)
    Connect S97 to SAXR70 via HDMI
    Connect PS2 to SAXR70 via Component
    Connect Sky+ to 32WL48 via RGB SCART and SAXR70 via Optical
    Connect SAXR70 to 32WL48 via component and to separate speakers

    Am I correct in thinking that:

    1) I will be able to use the external speakers with all inputs
    2) I will still get the upscaling from the DVD player, but avoid the grainy HDMI input on the TV

    Is it possible that I could get audio synching problems with this and if so is it something that can be tweaked?

    When Sky start broadcasting HDCP, will I be able to connect via HDMI to the receiver then component to the TV or is there something that prevents this?

    If this is not a problem, does anyone know of a receiver with 2 HDMI inputs?

    Apologise for all the questions, responses to any or all appreciated :)

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