Would this configuration work?



Hi, (this is my first post!)

I have just purchased a Yamaha RX-V357 AV amp and could do with a little advice please!

What I am trying to achieve is to pass everything through the component inputs on the amp. Is the following possible?

DVD player - Scart to the Sky + box
Sky + box to amp via component input (with a Scart-to-component cable)
Modded Xbox with Hi def pack to amp via component input
Component output on amp to component input on Acer 32" lcd (great lcd screen by the way!)

Sky + and Xbox audio would be via optical
DVD player audio via coax

Would the DVD player pass through the the Sky box and through to the component input?

The DVD player will eventually be replaced with one with a DVI output.

Any help much appreciated!


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You might as well out the dvd via s-video, unless the sky+ box has RGB scart in. Otherwise it all seems sound, just make sure that the amp has enough digital audio ins, otheerwis use analouge for the sky+ box as i beleive only the movie channels get DD anyway.


Thanks for the info!

I am trying to minimise the amount of cable I have to sink in the wall - if I can get away with not installing a scart lead then I will be happier.
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