Would this be worth selling?


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I haven't upgraded my pc in a few years but am just after ordering the following:

Athlon 64 x2 4800 AM2
Foxconn AM2 MB
2 x 1GB PC6400

I have recently bought a 512MB PCIE X1900 XT card from these forums as well.

What I am replacing is as follows:

Athlon 64 3000 939
Asus A8N-E soc 939 MB
4 x 512MB PC3200 Corsair
Sapphire ATI X800GTO 256MB

If I sold the above together could I expect to get much/anything for it???

None of it has ever been overclocked and there is no warranty either - all works perfectly though!


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Of course its worth selling. I would go intel though on your new setup ...the C2D kills AM2


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It works and it's fast enough for lots of things so it's definitely got value. However, as it's not a complete PC and is probably not terribly power efficient I don't know how easy you'd find getting a buyer for it.

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