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Would this be viable ?

Mr Grumpy

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I'm keen to learn more about my options for improving the quality of the image that is sent to my PJ, particularly for watching Sky broadcasts. Obviously there are all sorts of wonderful scalers etc out there that are designed for such duties but I was wondering whether it would be at all viable to build a compact pc specifically for this purpose. Now I already have a decent DVD player and receiver so literally all I would need the 'box' to do is spruce up the image before it reaches the PJ. Is this a silly idea that would introduce more problems than it solved or is it in fact a sensible/cheap alternative to buying a scaler or similar ?



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What you need is a capture board and video processor, something like a Sweetspot , this will take the signal from yor Sky box, process it through DScaler and output via the PC's VGA or DVI connector.

OTOH, that'll cost maybe £200-£300 from scratch, for a little more you could get one of the older series of iScan or Lumagen scalers which'll be a lot easier to use if all you intend is to process Sky and not turn it into a general HTPC.

Mr Grumpy

Active Member
The one thing that concerns me slightly is that the configuration might drive be nuts. What do you guys reckon is the easiest solution to get up and running with decent results for a relative novice like myself ?
I am guessing with the pc route it is a case of the faster the cpu and the larger the amount of ram the better, not forgetting a half decent vga card of course.

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