Would these speaker positions be any good?


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hi, wasnt on a here a long time, but now, i have been able to get into my new loft and look where i am going to put everything.

here is a full floor plan, i am actually wondering whether i should put carpet or laminate in, which is the best for the sound?

also i am wondering if the sub will sound alright, i am going for a lg all in 1 ht902pb system, the best i can afford right now.

anyway here is the plan:



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Traditionally carpet is said to be be better as you won't get reflection in the sound. However, you could use laminate and just put a rug between front peakers and sofa.

With regard to speaker positioning, one can't really tell without much more data....I personally use a software programme called CARA but you have to model the room including furniture and other furnishings like capets and curtains as well as model the speakers. It then recommends optimal positioning based on ranges of where you want them. Software was £50 from www.cara.de. You can get free verions with less functionality if you google and I think someone has also developed a spreadsheet where you put in parameters and it computes optimal positionings.

As a guide, if you are 4-5 feet away from the front speakers (nearfield listening) , then you don't have to worry too much about reflected sound. if a greater disance, reflections can have a hugh impact on sound quality.

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generally your speakers are in good positions, assuming theyre at ear height, except for the rear (about 2ft above ear height at seating position, and aimed towards each other.

in a room with space behind however i would seriously consider the advantages of 6/7.1

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