Would there be any noticable change?


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I have a Panny 37PX60 (res is 1024 X 768). I sit 8 foot from the screen

For Sky HD and PS3 (blu-ray), would upgrading to a 40inch Full HD LCD (Sony 40V3000) really make a difference, or would it hardly be noticeable? I am getting the full hd itch, so to speak, but I dont want to chuck over a grand away on something that may not give me much of an improvement over what i've got.


don't know about that particular tv, but in terms of 1080p at that distance on that size screen - Nope. Waste of money. ( oh and Sky HD is not broadcast in a resolution above your current tv anyway)


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Actually, I believe many sky HD channels are broadcast in 1080i format, which means they ARE higher res than the PX60. But I think ntg is right that @ 8 feet you would not see the difference in how a HD signal looks. But you might well notice a drop in quality of SD, unless the new Sonys are much better than the previous W2000 series.



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After all the research and testing I have done, I would have to say you would see a difference. I have now purchased the Panny TH42PZ70 1080P plasma and it is superbly clear and defined at this range. But, its up to you to test, demo and observe and make your mind up.


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You would notice a significant drop in SD quality and greyscale on the LCD - So don't do it.

A 42PZ70E will give you a slightly sharper image but only slightly and only with full HD.

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