Would the sony db790 be suitable for these tannoy speakers?



The db790 is rated as 100w x 6.

The speakers i am getting are the tannoy mercury mx, with recommended amplifier powers as follows:

mx1 - 10-70 watts
mx3 - 10-90 watts
mxc - 10-90 watts
mxsuv - 75 watts rms, 150 watt peak

Im new to all this, so because the amplifier is rated higher than the speakers, is this a bad thing?

It will be fine, in this instance i think the speqakers would be happy enough with an amp higher up than that you want to use, so you will not have problems.

because i have owned some of the speaker package you talk about and i heard it on the end of a yamaha A5 amp! So in part experience.

The biggest concern you have with an amp speaker match is to get ENOUGH power, not too much. I havent actually heard of anyone sensible damaging speakers by using too big an amp. I have certainly tried some exotic configs.... 200W into a 50W rated speaker and have done no harm (of course you can damage it if you go insanely loud, but this will be true of most any speakers).Although the stated sony power seems above the speaker ratings, it is almost standard across the amp area that the ratings are bloated by driving only a single channel at a time and potentially with large distortion. So basically your real world power is very unlikely to be even approaching 100W.

The most appropriate way (in my view) of assessing compatibility from specs is looking at the speaker sensitivity (which effectively is a guide to how loud it can go with a given power) and the speaker impedence (which is the speakers resistance basically, how hard the amp has to push it to make it go if you like). Together those give a guide as to how hard the speaker is going to be to drive. Impedence of 8 is preferable with a budgetish amp and a sensitivity of high 80's is typical. Amp wise, this one is tougher, i will generalise in terms of its type and cost. With a £300 amp, I would say it should only be given an easy speaker load. Say £100 and i would allow use of a mediumish load but it would take a big processor power amp setup costing many thousands until i would want to use tough speakers. So basically, its all about making educated guesses.

Those speakers will be fine. Remember 100w per channel is the MAX, and it's unlikely you'd ever be banging that out. Besides, that's the manufacturer's rating - chances are in 6.1 it's more like 35W per channel anyway !

As Buns says, having underpowered amplifiers for speakers is more of an offence than overpowered ones :)
Ditto the comments above.

I'm running a STR-DB790 with Tannoy MX-M series speakers - only for the last month though! It's a big step up from my old Sherwood Pro-Logic reciever, which at 40w/channel looked a reasonable spec match. I was having to crank the volume control round to levels I was unhappy with (over 75%), which can cause clipping and damage the speakers. I doubt I've got anywhere near the capabilities of the Sony for fear of incurring the wrath of the neighbours! -40dB's my limit!

Power levels also tend to drop when powering 5/6 channels. Home Cinema Choice rated the Sony as a decent 65w/channel in multichannel and 95w into 2 channels IIRC.
thx for the replys, MagicBoy, what do you think of the overall sound quality with the mx/db790 combination, for movies and music? Do you run the mx sub?
Originally posted by wixy
thx for the replys, MagicBoy, what do you think of the overall sound quality with the mx/db790 combination, for movies and music? Do you run the mx sub?

I'm very happy with the overall sound quality with the 790/mx-m combo in both movies and stereo. Multichannel DD and DTS is excellent, background music sounds well matched around the room, and the effects fly nicely around the room. Plenty of power at my normal listening levels (between -50 and -44dB) for explosions etc.

In stereo the Sony is perfectly listenable for my tastes. CD's via my Tosh DVD player sound rather harsh via analogue out, better via digital - most likely a limitation with the player. I'm happy with the DVD-Video performance - which is what it was bought for. There's a big improvement with my Cambridge Audio CD player - better low end extension, smoother treble via analogue.

No sub at the moment - I don't think the neighbours would approve (in a tenement block). I will get a sub when I move elsewhere, it's next on the list. I'd appreciate any feedback on the MX Sub - I wasn't aware there was one available to match.

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