Would the PDR8 be worthwhile ?


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I am in the position of getting a Paradigm PDR8 for £70. I was wondering if it would make much difference when used along side my hifi. My hifi's front speakers have each have a 5 1/2 inch driver in them. I'm guessing the PDR8 has a 8" driver so my question is would there be much difference in bass output between the two ?

One more question regarding the Hifi, it has a 5.1 input on it which I use by connecting phono's from my Wharfdale m5's Decoder. My question is do you think the decoding of the DD5.1 is done in the DVD player or the Hifi ?


Here some links to my hifi




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The Paradigm Sub should add some of the lower bass to your system and is more than likely to perform better than your main speakers (bass wise).

The dvd player will be doing the decoding of the digital 5.1 track, just connect the dvd players 5.1 analogue outputs to the 5.1 inputs on the amplifier, select the input and away you go. You´ll probably have to select the speaker sizes etc in the dvd players setup menu, best bet is to set them all to Small and all the bass to the Subwoofer. Depending on what other options the dvd player has, you may have to select speaker distances or delay times as well.

Also you´ll need to connect the subwoofer via a line level (phono) cable to the Subwoofer Output of the amplifier.

For 70 quid, its worth doing and should enhance the overall sound well.:)

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