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Would the Denon AVR-X2200W match an old Denon AVR 2310 sound-wise?


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As thread title really, the remote control has just died on my crusty old AVR 2310 and I think that's the final nail in the coffin tbh. There are other issues of course: I've been getting audio crackle on raised voices (on my speaker and through headphone) which I think could be a problem with the amp, I have to fiddle about with my headphones at the input before the amp will switch over properly, and it don't do 3D (which isn't a major issue for me tbh).

However the 2310 was a £1000 RRP amp back in the day (I think), whereas the X2200W is but a £500 amp. Does that matter at all? I'm happy upgrading to an amp that sounds just as good (rather than necessarily better), I just don't want to downgrade.

BTW this amp is being used in a relatively modest sized bedroom, so I don't need any fancy amounts of power from my unit.


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I would love some feedback on this too as I am in exactly the same situation of considering this change with the 2200 currently at £379.


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The AVRX2200 would technically be a lower level receiver than the AVR2310. The AVRX3200 or even the AVRX4200 would be a closer comparative model. The AVRX2200 is more akin to the AVR19xx models than the AVR23xx models. Whether you'd actually hear a difference within a small room is debatable though?
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As the very happy owner of a 2310 this has crossed my mind, especially if I go down the Atmos route. With the X4200W being £699 at Sevenoaks it really is a teaser.


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Had a 2311 and now Denon X1200w. New features, great sound and no complaints. Very a demo, the X1200w does sound different to the X2200w though, the X1200w is punchier and slightly brighter compared to its older brother.

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