Would someone be kind enough to recommend an AV Stand for me?

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    I'll soon be moving abroad and cutting down on kit, largely going digital with what was my CD collection now on I-Pad.

    So, the only bit's I'll have is the Sony AV Amp (see sig), the BD and maybe the record deck (for more nostalgic moments). The Bluetooth input is already addressed with a separate toggle receiver thingy that goes into one of the spare analog inputs.

    The problem is the size of the amp. It's just shy of 16cm tall so won't fit on IKEA's LACK unit (15cm internal dimensions), despite my liking the wide low look (Also, there's an IKEA not far from my place in Spain!)

    I'm resigned to having a unit with an open back because the same AV amp is 39cm deep without the cables hanging out of the rear.

    So, my needs are low and wide (as opposed to tall and slim) and big enough for The Beast.

    Thanks in advance.

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