Would some kind soul lend me their spl meter?


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PLEASE! pretty please!?
I have had one on order from Keene for some time now but they have just emailed me and said that they are being delayed again. I have an svs sub coming and as I have never calibrated my system and will need to, when the sub arrives I am begging of any kind person to lend me one.
I will obviously pay all postage and packing and you can have a deposit if you want?
Any good samaritans out there?


I will let you borrow my meter if you pay postage both ways as i
live in scotland and you will have to get a battery for it as well.

Will bubble rap it so shouldnt get damaged as I still have original
box. Will send it registerd post just pm me details



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morg, that is very kind of you, I will pm you right away, thanks a lot :smashin:
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