Would side-firing speakers make everything worse in this room?


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I have been wanting to upgrade the audio I have, currently an old Logitech Z906 that I want to replace with something else. Samsung had a clearance of their HW-Q950A so I was thinking of maybe getting that to replace my old system.

However, I am afraid that the layout of my living room might get in the way of my thinking. Please help me figure out if I'm throwing my money away and if the audio will sound strange, unbalanced or something else.

This is my living room:

To the left of the TV there is a wall quite close, but on the right there's a large empty space. I am taking the photo from the other side of the room where I have a desk and computer..

In this case, the HW-Q950A has six side-firing speakers (two on each side of the soundbar and one on the rear speakers). The right side has about 5.5 m to the wall, while the left side only has about 80 cm to the wall. That's quite the difference.

On top of that, the left side's wall is angled in a way that might affect the upwards-firing speakers on both the soundbar and rear left speaker.

I've been thinking of rearranging the room, but it's not so easy. If I were to put the TV on its stand against the angled wall I would get almost the same distance to the walls, but it'd be hard to place the right rear speaker. I'd have to wall mount it on the right side of the photo between the light switches and the door frame - which might look quite weird and maybe easy to walk into the speaker.

It would also mean that the couch would be in the middle of the room and from the left to the right it would end in the corner of the floor mat. This would make the distance from the TV only 2.3 m. The depth of the couch is 2 m on its left side, so it would be so cramped instead.

I apologize for the long text! Basically, what I am asking is if the audio will be unbalanced, have different volume (left/right distance difference) and if maybe the angled wall will remove all height-audio? I obviously don't have high standards seeing I've been using the Logitech Z906 and Dolby Digital 5.1 until now.

Thank you in advance!

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