Question Would rear heights work in my setup?


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I'm currently running a 5.1.2 and fancy going up to a 5.1.4 configuration. I've pasted in a (bad) drawing of my lounge below, basically the issue is that the sofa is against the back wall of the lounge so the rear heights would have to be on the same wall as the back of sofa. I've done a bit of research and some people have advised against this but there doesn't seem to be a "don't do it" message that I can find.

The front Atmos speakers are Kef Q50a upfiring (placement is the L/A and R/A speakers in orange in my pic). I'd look to put some wall-mounted height speakers in the positions in red as I don't have space to use upfiring speakers. My current surround speakers are B&W M1s which can't have anything sat on them. I'd look to get something like the SVS Elevations or the Dali Alteco C1s and be mount them where the wall meets the ceiling.

Does anyone have any experience of placing wall-mounted height speakers on the same wall as the back of the MLP sofa? Also, would the combination of front upfiring and rear height speakers sound OK?

Living room.PNG


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We have few members who have done that. Stu was one of them, sadly he doesn´t write here anymore, but he felt it was certainly worth it (5.1.4 with couch against wall). Below is pictures of he´s room.

Combination of upfiring and heights, does your receiver allow to assign them like that? Can´t you put Q50a high up on front wall as front heights cause they have keyholes at back for wall mounting?




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I’m assuming the nice folks at Denon will let me configure front up firing and rear heights at the same time, to be honest I have looked! Maybe a good place to start.

I could put the Kefs as heights on the front too, the main blocker is the other half and speaker cables trailing up walls!


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I have front heights with rear upfiring and the sofa is against the back wall... that works very well in my opinion. It seems to me there is more front Atmos/DTSX/Auro information than there is rear, so the rears are not quite as important in my opinion.
I have a Denon at AVR-Xx400 series and it allows almost any combination of upfiring, height, ceiling etc. I believe older models do too.


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I agree! I'm running 5.1.4 front and rear heights in a 12x12x8 room with a single position (me). All the speakers are aimed for the center of my room. I ran audyssey calibration 8 positions. The sound is FANTASTICALLY AWESOME GREAT etc.

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