Would Panny replace my ae100 with a 300?


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My Ae100 has developed colour staining down the sides. It used to have a geenish patch in the top left corner and a purplish patch in the bottom left. These seem to have disappeared but now there is staining about 6 inches wide down both sides of the screen from top to bottom. If I'm honest I would say that most of the time I don't really notice it. Its only on certain scenes or black & white images that its really noticeable.

The thing is, I think I remember some people saying they sent their PJ's back for this problem. What happened? Did Panasonic repair them or replace them? If they repair them then I don't think I would bother as the staining doesn't bother me that much and I couldn't be without my projector for an extended period:D

However! If they replace them and seeing as the AE100 has been superceded by the AE200-300, then I could be persuaded to 'complain' and demand a replacement. What do you lot think?:D


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calibos, I have heard from a Swedish friend that Panasonic has plenty of spare parts for AE-100, so I wouldn't think that you get a replacement. Also discounttv said that they would not replace but repair.


I returned my AE100 on the 10th August for the same problem and I'm still without it over 10 weeks later.

Apparently, early AE100s had a fault which caused the prism to warp. Later models had a newly designed optical system to fix the problem.

As I was approaching 10 weeks without a projector I decided to play hell with my dealer. They saw my side and are in the process of getting Panasonic to replace my AE100 with a brand new AE100. I should have a new AE100 within 2 weeks.

I mentioned to the dealer that the AE100 was being discontined but they said it wasn't!!!! I can't imagine Panasonic would exchange an AE100 for a AE200. On www.pricejapan.com, it mentions they will not swap-out faulty AE100s because it has been discontinued. Faulty units will be repaired.


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Just a few points,

1) We do swap out AE100's within about the first couple of months or for a really 'bad' fault!
2) AE100 is still current and will be untill about March! The UK is a seperate trading entity to Panasonic in Japan and AE100's are STILL being shipped month after month! You may get a swap for another AE100!
3) Whenever the new model arrives there (to the best of my knowledge and information gleaned from Panasonic) there will ONLY be 1 model and not the 2 hoped for!


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"....there will ONLY be 1 model and not the 2 hoped for! "

Do you mean that the AE300 will not come here and that the AE200 will replace the AE100 ?? i.e. one Panasonic projector on the market ??

This might make sense with stuff I've been reading over on avsforum - people having problems pixel matching the AE300, whose resolution (can't remeber exactly...) seems to be pitched at HDTV USA resolution.......

Bums !! I had thought that the AE300 would make a decent upgrade for me in the future with the higher resolution panel......

Sean G.

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