Would my setup benefit from a DAC?


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Hi all.

I'm restricted with space in my house so to listen to music I have to use my AV receiver (onkyo 508) via an Airport Express. The sound quality is not bad but I'm wondering whether it would be improved if I add a separate DAC? My understanding is that both the AE and my AV receiver have on board DAC's so would a separate one be worth it, or would it be an overkill given that my current setup is relatively 'budget'?

To confirm my current setup is thus:

Ipod/iPad > airport express > optical > onkyo 508 > kef t101's

Thanks in advance...


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I'd say no, an AV Receiver isn't usually good enough as an amp to warrant an external DAC.


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You'll never know until you try. I've generally found the difference in DACs to be very small once you get to a certain level.

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