Would Monitor Audio Bronze BR2's or Diamond 9.1's be an improvement over Gale 3030?


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As it says on the tin chaps. My equipment is in my sig below :)




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Go and listen to them, that's the only way to find out. Peoples responses on here are only opinions based on their experiences and their own hearing which is likely to be different to yours.

Looking at the rest of your kit list, it would seem that the audio side of things needs to be greatly improved to match the video performance of your system. I would seriously recommend upping your budget considerably and getting a better receiver too, that DVD player and screen are just being wasted without the audio to match.

Without naming specific equipment, I would be recommending the sort of equipment level listed below to march up with the rest of your system.

AV Receiver: £1000-1500
Front Speakers: £800-1200
Centre Sepaker: £300-500
Rear Speakers: £500-800
Subwoofer: £500-1000


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I'm afraid I won't be spending that kind of money on audio kit. Plasma displays and video processors don't annoy the neighbours, power amps and such do :)

Just out of interest, would you recommend outputting 5.1 analogue from DVD to amp, rather than coax digital?

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