Would like to apologise...


If some of my posts come across as a bit negative.

Unfortunately, we have lost our twins,they say about ten days ago.This was our third miscarriage in as many years, I can't do it again, I'm so fed up.... Don't really know why I'm posting this just need to I spose.....

Life?dunno why it doesn't happen for us, we have both agreed we can't go through this again.....

I may edit this as i drink more...


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Please accept my deepest sympathies.

I cannot imagine how awful this must be for you. I just hope that somehow life does get better for you, sometime soon.


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blimey Phil - if you have been negative I'm sure you have the understanding of every member on the forum.

Words can't replace your loss - my thoughts and those of my wife are with you and yours.

Hope you can see your way through to better days.

All the best


Daddy k

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best wishes mate,

ill ask my mrs to pass on details of some forums shes member of for your mrs, as she too has had a few miscarriages before we had our 2 little ones, hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of a lil philb, and im sure whatever route you have to go through for this to happen will be worth it in the end (remind me of this when i post about my little uns jamming toast in my dvd players drawer)


Sorry to hear the bad news,

Don't worry about your posts mate the Mods will look after them.

You just be carefull and take it easy! And look after your wife and your self.

I also have twins and I can not imagine what we would go through if we loose them.
I know there is nothing we can do but just trying to comfort you is the only way I guess.
If I have responded wrongly to this post forgive me.
Best wishes to you and your Mrs.


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PhilB, I've got my share of problems at the moment but they pale into insignificance compared to your situation.

My sincerest sympathies for you and your good other half.

Is this an IVF situation? If so, I had familiy members go down this road and it is hard and traumatic.

I hope you can find the right support. Please don't drink too much. It only temporarily deadens the pain.

Stay strong for your partner and yourself. You know there are plenty of decent folk here who'll help in any way possible. Even if it's just a online sholder so to speak.


Families come in all sorts of ways, shapes and sizes. I'm sure life will present a way.


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my condolences man, can't imagine what that must be like.

i hope whatever decision you come to for the future is the right one.


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Look after yourself and your wife mate. Take a little time out before making any major decisions...

Very sorry to hear about your loss mate. In our prayers tonight.


Very sad news, take care of your missus for us.



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Yeah, I noticed you were getting really negative and have reported you to the Mods. I think some time away from the Forums will do you good. :lesson:

Seriously, dreadful situation mate and I can only express my sincerest condolences. Much sympathy for you and your missus. :(


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Very sorry to hear this, we complain about silly things, when this puts everything else into prospective, my sympathy goes out to both of you, yes take care of the missus, you both need to be strong at the time like this, and getting out of the house and talking to friends, etc will help a little bit over time. Take care mate.


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tragic news there, sorry to hear of your loss. My mother lost triplets before i came along and to this day she still has sad moments of the thought of the 3 boys that never made it. Thankfully my parents had a great doctor at St Barts in London (Dr Besser) who dismissed that she would ever carry again and i am the living proof that one day it all came right.

Thoughts going out to you and your wife.



We can only summise the others were single babies, so that means we've lost four in three years.

We both have said enough, as long as we have each other etc etc etc...


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Sorry to hear the news.

We tried on and off for nearly a decade for children with bad to terrible results so you have our sympathies. Finally for us after resigning ourselves to the fact it may never happen we took a long holiday to Bali/Australia/Jakarta to take our minds off things and shortly afterwards the missus was preggers. We now have twin boys.

So if it's any help, for what it's worth, my advice is to stop focussing on it and relax and, you never know success may still happen when you least expect it.

But remember to talk to each other as during times like this it is sometimes hardest to talk openly to those closest to you.

Look after your missus there. Our thoughts are with you both.


Sorry to hear your sad news,my thoughts are with you both


Words can't replace your loss - my thoughts and those of my family are with you and yours mate.

All the best.


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Damn, such sad news. Really sorry to hear that. Try to be strong for the rest of your family mate.

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I'll echo what everyone else has said, yopu got each other so try and give her as much support as you can- she'll need it I expect. Dont give up on the idea of trying again, Must be very traumatic though:(


thanks a lot guys. REALLY appreciate the kind words.

Never thought I'd post something like this here, if this was a bar I'd buy you all a drink.



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Sorry to hear your terrible news,I have suffered a similar loss some years ago,a horrible time for all concerned.Be supportive and understanding to each other and all the best for the future.

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