would like opinions on a gaming pc


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how does this sound for a gaming pc under £1k?

AMD Phenom - Step 6 of 6

would very much like to own a gaming pc sometime in my life and been looking at the current options on custom builts and this is what ive come up with so far, although anythings possible when the time does eventually come around i would never want to spend more than a £1k on just a pc tower.



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Is it a laptop?


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no, thats for a pc, i havnt looked at the laptops, but if another sites anything to go by, the options list is likely to be limited for the laptops.

i would like an alienware machine as i think they look cool and the name sounds cool and ive heard good things about them, but a spec i chose totalled the price to £2k :eek: thats for a pc, its not too much over 1500 for a laptop, cant see them getting cheaper over the next few years:rolleyes:...


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Erm... that link is for a PC that costs around £230...

If I were you, I'd build my own. It would be much cheaper and it would be a good experience. :)
As PR mentions, the link has expired and so has base items that come to around £200. You have obviously made changes to the spec to make it up to £1k, but they have not been saved in the link you posted.

List all the upgrades you made and someone can check for you, or compare it to systems listed at Overclockers or Dell, Scan, Aria, CyberSystems etc.


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oh lol it did link to the finish spec on the day i posted it, guess it only has a limited time, i did tried to copy and past the spec, but didnt work out.

well in that case nevermind, this thread is now pointless :rolleyes:

oh and it was for a pc, there wasnt really much options for the laptops.
Why pointless? Have you bought something now? Do you want me to lock the thread?

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