would it make a difference if...


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...i converted a file from

wav/flac ---> mp3 192cbr

compared to

wav/flac ---> mp3 V0 ---> mp3 192cbr

its just ive converted a lot of my music collection to V0 to put on my ipod, but i've ran out of space on it..so i want change some mp3s from V0 to something a bit more lossy to make the room..is it wise to convert the V0 mp3s, or should i got back to the flac and make the 192s straight from there? would it make a difference?


KJ Palmer

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For the best results you should go straight from the Wav/Flac to MP3 192k. Your other option compresses the data twice meaning you'll lose even more information (ie. sound quality) than in the direct method.

Of course, you might even not be able to hear the difference, but the quality will be worse.

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