Would I get my moneys worth from a new sub ?


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Over the years I have had (and still own a few subs)

Started with a Rel Q100E
then got a Rel Quake
then the Kef subwoofer from the 3005 speaker pack
and a few years ago I got a SVS PC12

However, as the years have gone on I now have less space and time for home cinema and my dedictaed projector room has been boxed up and is being turned into a nursery for our first child in May

The SVS sub is too big now for my system which is in the front room so I am back to using the Rel Q100E

I keep seeing however the Gemini II and wowed by its price I wander if I would get any extra bang for my buck from it ?


I suspect the two would be quite similar in sound quality, but the Gemini will probably have a little more over all output. I wouldnt expect an enormous night and day difference, though the Gemini might be cleaner in the lower frequencies as well. Rel have been quite good musically in the past because they prioritise clean upper bass, but they pretty much ignore the modern way of tackling lower frequencies and have massive distortion low down as well as very limited output with the Q100e. I suspect the main area the Gemini improves is with a slightly cleaner low end and a bit more output, but thats about it. Dont expect to even come close to what the SVS can do in terms of low end clean output.
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