Would B&W 606 s2 work well with arcam mini solo?


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If you like the sound of your system but just need a bit more bass control then you can add a power amp to the Mini as it has pre-outs.

If you are OK with second hand then the Quad 606 or 909 is a good start for a traditional class AB amp, or go for a newer Hypex Ncore class D amp from Nord acoustic. At a lower level the Topping PA5 is getting good reviews as well, there is a long thread on here from a guy that replace some pretty expensive amps with one of these.

Also, Arcam do tend to be slightly on the warmer side of neutral so that may be taming the B&W but I think the 606‘s aren’t as bright as the 607 going by reviews.
i dont find the 607s2 in the slightest bright . not even in a bright room !!!


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@Sildking75 - What Hi-Fi recently ran a feature listing their favourite speakers under £1000 (bookshelf and floorstander).

Here's the bookshelves they give five stars to up to your £450 budget:

Q Acoustics 3020i (£169)
Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 (£249)
Elac Debut B5.2 (£249)
B&W 607 S2 (£329)
DALI Oberon 1 (£349)
Triangle Borea BR03 (£349)
B&W 606 S2 (£449)

You could probably get all of these cheaper if you shop around for used or ex-dem.

And just as an alternative:

Fyne Audio F302 (£399)
Q Acoustics 3050i (£449)

Which are both actually floorstanders and would save you money having to find stands.
Forget what hifi reviews, 5 stars don't mean they sound better than a 3 or 4 star rated by a few individuals. Take them with a pinch of salt. Ive owned 5 star rated MA bronze 2 and 4 star rated much older MA Gold GR10, The Golds are better in every way.

My money would be on a pair of Mission LX3 mark 2, having owned a pair of the previous LX1 mark 1, Im confident the newer mark 2 will also be guaranteed to work well with the Arcam.

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