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would audyessy solve my room eq problem


Standard Member
Hi guys, until recently I was more than happy with my AV setup, then I came across this forum when I had a problem with my Kef PSW1000 sub. The problem is now after some advice and a lot of reading I am looking/listening at my system in a different light!. Firstly I have ordered a BK xls200 to replace my faulty sub, now I have a bee in my bonnet about room response, so I obtained a RS sound meter and ran some test tones. The result was a big boomy peak around 50Hz on the sub, amongst other peaks and troughs. So after hours of reading the subwoofer forum and learning about Room EQ and BFD's etc. My question is this..

Would audyessy solve the bottom end problem on the sub channel, because I have my eye on the onkyo 605 or 705. I believe the 605 will not adjust the subwoofer channel so would spending the extra £200 on the 705 and Multi-XT be beneficial purely from the audyessy setup point of view.?

Thanks Mike


Well-known Member
I doubt it but as every room differs and the MIC can struggle to pick up the sub properly I dont think you will get a yes or no answer. Bear in mind the overall effect is very good especially if you have a hard sounding room with lots of reflections. I would go for an 805 if funds stretch as AV Sales appear to be doing a great deal on that at the moment.

BTW can you post more info in the RS sound meter I seem to have missed this bit of kit completely.


Distinguished Member
Room resonances are an inherent problem with low frequencies. With sound travelling at 344m/s (25°C) a room of 6.88m (this is your room length) will resonate at 50Hz and cancel at 25Hz. (Actually, your room could also be 3.44m, but then you'd also have a resonance at 100Hz). You can halve the signal for the resonance, but you can do nothing about the cancellation. For more details, the subwoofer forum has lots more information and discussions.

First Rule of Thumb for Subwoofer Placement: Aim the sub diagonally across the room rather than straight down it. You should there experiment with positioning and angling together with your SPL. You may find you can obtain an adequate peformance merely by positioning.

Specialized subwoofer equalization can be had for a lot less than a dedicated Audyssey processor (Onkyo amplifiers have only a small subset of the full Audyssey processing and will do nothing for you, so you can forget this) - mainly because it only has to deal with a single channel over a small frequency range. For example the Velodyne SMS-1. Again, the subwoofer forum is the place to ask about specific devices that fit your budget.


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I posted some graphs comparing audyssey to a BFD in this post. I have a peak at about 38Hz and it had a decent stab at dealing with it but not as successfully as a BFD can. I now run audyssey with the BFD active as it seems to sort out the crossover region nicely so basically I'd use both if you can afford it.


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