Would an Upscaling DVD benefit a CRT Tv ?


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My current system is stuck around the 1999 period :cool: I have a Panasonic 36PL32 CRT tv which does have a comp in. My DVD player is the very stately Sony 725 with the Sony DA50ES Receiver. My amp does have a 5.1 input and i wanted to know if i bought one of the modern (cheap) dvd players with upscaling capabilities (Pio 696) would i see any benefit at all if i wanted to say buy DVD or SACD CD's and can the upscaling of standard DVD's be used via either a scart or componenet leads ???

Thanks for any assistance and i have been out of all the AV goings on for a few years (Can't you tell :smashin: ).


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Firstly, does the component input of your TV accept progressive scan video, or is it just interlaced? It could be either - you'll have to check your manual. If it's the latter, a newer DVD player may not be any benefit.

SCART doesn't carry any form of progressive or upscaled video. Upscaling usually needs a DVI or HDMI connection, but CRT TVs almost invariably don't use them anyway (recent flat panels only).

I think I would hold on to your money. New DVD players don't necessarily give you better sound or picture than older ones.



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Yes it does accept Prog scan and i currently only connect the Sony via Scart as it does not have a comp out that outputs prog scan, it's only interlaced. I am unsure about the DVD audio side of things also, if i had a player that output DVD Audio and connect via the 5.1 input on the amp, could i then hear the DVD Audio/SACD through my speakers ??

I must admit that my current Sony 725 still seems to give really good pictures and sound via my current amp evenn thought they are all old compared to what most people have.

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