Would a white wall do as a screen? (albeit temp...)


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Right, sorry me again - asking some very basic questions before I make my purchase.

I was slightly shocked at the prices of screens and was wondering if a brilliant white wall would do? As a student I am not too worried about it not being as good as a £500 screen - as long as it doesn't look completely like crap. I'm interested in quite a large picture, so a 2m wide screen is surprisingly expensive!

I'm interested in the TX100 and forthcoming TX200 and TX600 (Epsom) projectors

So would it be okay to watch films on my wall (which has been repainted brilliant white) at least for the time being?


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I've been watching on a painted wall for years now (initially icestorm 5/6, but more recently matt white), should certainly keep you happy for the time being. I'm watching an 84 inch diagonal picture (16:9) on an Epson tw10h from a distance of 13ft away.

Certainly saves a few quid for dvds, etc.



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In my new flat ive been watching mine on a light yellow wall for the last month :D

Edit: You can get an 80" screen for around 180 quid so 500 seems a little high


You'd be surprised just how good a white matt wall can be. :)

I never got round to buying a screen and I've been using a projector for 11 months now. I intended to get one but when I saw the fantastic picture quality I decided it wasn't worth it.

I do have a completely light controlled room, though - and black walls and ceiling - so that helps a lot.

Screens are recommended if you need more gain for brightness, or grey for contrast, but don't expect a dramatic improvement in sharpness. I watched Sin City recently (on my wall) and it was incredible. I couldn't fault the picture at all.

I don't think a screen is necessary, but that's just my opinion. You'll get others who swear by them.


A white wall makes a pretty good screen and you won't have the ripple problems that are common with cheap screens.

I've used a sheet over a bay window hled in place with masking tape as a temporary portable screen.

If I had a large wall, I'd use that instead of my DaLite Model B screen.


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dunamis said:
Delh - what's your impression on moving from an icestorm to a matt white paint for your projector screen?


I started out with blackout material, then moved to matt white wall, then icestorm mix (5/6) with my old sharp xvc20e projector..

When i got my Epson tw10h i had icestorm on the wall, but thought everything was a tad too dark for my liking (decided blacker blacks weren't my priority), & painted it white. Been happy with the change, & satisfied with what i have for my money.

I always watch it in a darkened room with a progressive dvd player (actually a panasonic e55 dvd recorder that passes the us flag test on DVE!) .

I'm thinking of trying blackout material again due to a layout change, unless i can pick up a reasonably priced screen.

I got a few samples from DRH & similar projector screen companies, & with the limited budget i had to spend, decided what was on offer didn't make enough of a difference to my viewing pleasure.


Tyler Durden

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Delh68 said:
passes the us flag test on DVE!

Excuse my ignorance, but what does this mean. I have the DVE disc but haven't come across this.


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Tyler Durden said:
Excuse my ignorance, but what does this mean. I have the DVE disc but haven't come across this.

It is supposed to be good for showing how well your player can handle jaggies, i believe, but my e55 showed it blowing in the wind beautifully, without any - i may be wrong :confused:



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I use a 7ft wide piece of 9mm mdf painted with crown non reflective matt white (advised by crown) and this looks great.

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