Would a Stewart Luxus model A be good for a Sim2?


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Aug 13, 2002
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hi there all, I was wondering whether anyone knew of this projector screen

Stewart Luxus model A

and whether it would be suitable for my Sim2 DMF?

I have white walls, black out blinds (that seep a little light in the day), the sim2 is ceiling mounted and the home theater doubles as a lounge. :)


The Stewarts are gorgeous screens. I would go with the Studiotek 130 material with all Sim projectors, it's a 1.3 gain white screen material which brings up the relatively low light output of the projector.
so would the one I mentioned not be suitable then??


The Luxus Model A Electriscreen is an electric, tab-tensioned projection screen. In the standard price that then gives you a choice of Firehawk, Grayhawk RS, or Studiotek130 materials. For Sim2 you will want the Studiotek 130 material.

If you are buying 2nd hand, find out what material is on it, if it is in the aspect ratio you want (4:3 or 16:9) and if you are getting the remote or a rocker switch etc.
hi there, it is 2nd hand. I think it is firehawlk with a 1.35 gain. Is that going to be that different to a studiotek?

thanks for your time :)

Firehawk is usually used to bring up the overall picture contrast and black levels, although your projector isn't the brightest to start with so you will likely find you have to ramp up the settings a bit. If the price is right I would still go for it, bloody good screens!!
ok, I guess a studiotek/da-lite/vutec will be better for me then.

thanks for your help.

hi there, I know everyone says get the studiotek screen - but all the info on the web suggests that the studiotek is good for crt where the firehawlk is good for dlp.

why is this? Is my sim2 dmf below normal for outputting light?

I currently have an owl projector screen - would going for a 2nd hand tab tensioned firehawlk be more of a sideways step for me or a defenite step up do you think?

I defeintly have a little ambient light in my room (in the day time that is).

The firehawk is also a 1.3 gain screen (actually it might be 1.35 thinking about it), and adds a perceivable contrast increase through using grey material to stretch the blacks. I have used Firehawk with DLP before where ambient light from the room and reflected from walls within the room was going to be an issue. The narrow viewing angle of the material meant that light reflected from the walls actually didn't get into the light which reflected from the projector into the viewing "sweetspot". You will still be very happy with a Firehawk screen. But, the ideal situation for a fully blacked out room with a Sim is to go for Studiotek 130. Sim2 projectors have low light output to increase black level performance from the box. You don't affect the viewing angle considerably with white material (Studiotek130 is 160deg viewing angle to the Firehawks around 100deg iirc) and you have to remember the grey fabric is affecting your whites as well as your blacks. TBH many people prefer using the grey screens as the contrast advantage to their eyes outweighs other considerations, plus if you are getting a good price on it you should probably go for it anyway!!!
ok, I think I understand it better now. :)

so to recount...

StudioTek 130 (best) > excellant for blacked out room

Firehawk (good) > used when a little ambient light is spilling in (which is me in the day time).

> All tabe tensioned stewart screens are great and a firehawk will be (considerably?) better than my trusty owl white screen.

Do you know how much the firehawk goes for new?

thanks for your help on this.

Yep all sounds about right! Not sure on what size you are comparing, but a 6ft 16:9 electric tab-tensioned (there used to be non-electric models but aren't any more) has a book price of just over £3.5 inc VAT (either material).

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