Would a new graphics card sort my problem


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A few months back i changed from vista to windows 7 after a hard drive failure,
Ever since then when playing empire Total War on the system the graphics have been poor in that its very "juterry" when scrolling across the screen and i was wondering if a new graphics card may help
Currently running:
Asus p5k-e wifi ap
4GB ram
2.40 GHz Quad core (Intel Q6600)
And a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260



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Hadnt thought of that, i guessi last updated them when i rebuilt the system :facepalm:
Ill let u know if it works


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if anything its made it worse :(


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What version of DirectX do you have?
Do you still get the same problems if you run the game on lower settings?


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Ive got version 10
and yes it does run better on lower settings but i dont really want to play with poorer graphics like i have been


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There seems to be a lot of issues with your card and this game. A lot of people are recommending using an older driver. Try the one that came with your card (if you still have it). Or just search on the nvidia pages. It'll be a driver issue and probably the fact you've switched to win 7 doesn't help as it will be a different driver used again.


It's not the card as the 260 will gobble up anything your game can throw at it.

Like mentioned it's a driver issue. Also don't just trust the latest driver. As said sometimes the older ones are better.

Different machines get different joy. I normally stick to one that works for a while.

Important: Use driversweeper to rid the old driver fully (easy to use) before installing the new one. Ignore it when windows auto installs a stock one...it's only temp.

I can email you the driver I have joy with (191.03 :eek: ) since downgrading to the 260 (2 x 295s funded whole new power pc ;) ). I also have physX updated too.

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