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Would a 3.5mb max download speed estimate be pretty accurate?.


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I'm wondering if anyone can help.
I'm currently with VM broadband and would like to move everything to sky Inc broadband as it would be appr £10 a month cheaper to have the sky BB over taking out Sky tv an Virgin Broadband.
I know that Virgin is faster but I could put up with getting DL speeds around what I get currently (10Mb/s) but Sky only estimate I will only get about 3.5Mb/s. Is it reasonably common for them to be wrong?.
I live about 2.5 mile from the nearest exchange and am apparently quite late in the loop.
Thanks for any help.


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Sky seem to be quite conservative in their estimates, they were in my case anyway. They estimated 0.5mb, I was previously getting 1.5mb with Talk Talk, first day with Sky I was getting 1.8mb, then I had lots of router problems and had to keep rebooting which disrupted the training period and it settled at 1.5mb.

If you post your router stats, attenuation, noise margin etc, someone may be able to tell you what speed you might expect.


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I am about 2.5 miles from the exchange and running at Skys estimate of 3MB. To get decent speeds you really need to be very close to the exchange. Remember, you maybe 2.5 miles from the exchange but your phone line will usually be a lot longer.

Only reason I have sky is no Virgin fibre here.
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I have just moved to sky. My previous provider greystone were providing speeds of about 3.5Mb. Sky indicated that I would get speeds of 2Mb. I was confident that they would at least match the existing speed so I took the plunge.

After testing sky have set my download speed at 4.9Mb and that is what I am getting so I would day that they are certainly conservative on speed. I live about 3 miles from Arrowebrook exchange.


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