Would 7.1 even make a difference?


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Below is my current room layout, I'm tossing up the pros and cons of a Denon 1610 (5.1) or a 1910 (7.1)

Considering the layout am I going to get any real benefits from adding 2 speakers?




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Unless you turned the layout so that you were viewing along the length of the room, with some room behind your sofa, then IMHO it isn't worth bothing going 7.1. I have a 7.1 setup myself and think it does make a small but noticable difference, but that's only because I have about 2 metres behind my sofa for the rears to 'fill in'.

I would recommend some tripole or dipole surround speakers if you stick with your layout as shown as this will help make the effects more difuse. Then you get that chilling effect of some sounds coming from 'outside the room'.


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i have a similar setup but i had my xtra surrounds right nxt to the sofa and moved my rears aprox i metre out from the sofa against the walls, all facing towards me and turned the surround xtras up slightly mor and theres a noticable difference, not with all movies mind you but if u have a amp with prologic 2 that plays with dts hd and tru hd its perfect.

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