would 6ohm wharfedale speakers be alright with the sony strda2400?


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i was on superfi's website today where i spotted a really good deal. it was wharfedale 9.1 speakers with the wharfedale sw150 subwoofer all for £229.

now on looking at the specs the speakers are 6 ohms and the sony says to use speakers from 8-16 ohms. also when you go into the sonys gui you can tell the amp weather your speakers are 4 or 8 ohms haven't seen an option for 6.

now i would like someone to put my mind at ease buy telling me if those speakers would be okay to use with the sony or not, if so i might have to look at something else.

thanks in advance.


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6 ohm speakers will be fine with the 2400. You should keep it set for 8 ohms as well and not change to 4 ohms.


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thanks psm1 for that i do have my current speakers set to 8ohms on the amp. so getting the wharfedales wouldn't put any strain on the amp or cause any other problems setting them to 8ohms? if thats the case then i think i may go for them thanks again.:smashin:

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