Worthy Tag AV32R replacement options?


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Hi all,
I’ve had the following setup for about 4 years now in our ‘winter’ living room:
Tag mclaren av32r
Band and olufsen beolab 8000s front L and R
Bang and olufsen beolab 7.1 as centre
Linn room amp driving some Mission/denon bookshelf speakers as rears.
KEF circular / egg shaped active sub. Dont recall model# but its half decent.
Sources: raspberry pi networked kodi media sever. Nvidia shield as player, optical out from panasonic 42” lcd tv into tag.

This has been a good setup for me when 80% used for 2ch audio, but now using that room increasingly for movies and sadly the tv doesnt do 5.1 pass through. I see what im missing when there is a movie on terrestrial digital tv and the tag picks up 5.1 stream... it sounds much better. Most movies are watched through the nvidia shield on netflix, amazon, kodi and surround sound is relatively dull when the tag has to make it up from 2ch.

Any suggestions for a worthy replacement i could pick up used for <£500? Has to sound as good on music as the tag av32r.
Obviously will need to be hdmi.
Not too bothered about 7.1. I think 5.1 is sensible, but can be persuaded.
Thinking best to stick with pre-amp processor, rather than one with amps for best value?.
Width of unit would ideally be same or less as s tag av32r.
I have the option to put two more beolab 8000s as the rears.

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'Any suggestions for a worthy replacement i could pick up used for <£500?' - tricky if you want support for the latest HDMI features.

HDMI equipped AV Processors are still relatively rare so not that many options in the S/H market which may force you to consider an AVR and not use its onboard amplification.

The Emotiva MC-700 is a AV Processor we have supplied (new) and comes in at under £1K and ought to cater for all of your current Video and Audio source devices.


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