Worthwhile upgrade or wasting my time. Dolby Atmos


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Hi Folks. Relatively simple question I think. I moved into my house almost 2 years ago and bought the LG SL6Y along with the additional SPK8 rear speakers. Really like the performance however they do suffer from randomly turning themselves off, and on rare occasions requiring a full unplugging due to noise becoming very tinny. These minor annoyances aside I like it.

I've been feeling that I might be missing out on Dolby Atmos from a better soundbar recently however.

I wouldn't want to stretch my budget much beyond £500 and have seen that the LG SN7Y is available for around £400 just now. Also compatible with the SPK8 rear speakers too.
I'd use the current soundbar and sub in bedrooms upstairs so it won't be going to waste.

Is Atmos worth the upgrade? Is there any other advantage to the SN7Y over SL6Y?

Should note that my room is pretty ideal for atmos. Sit around 10ft from TV with ceiling also about 9ft high. Couch is against the back wall with rear speakers either side at ear height.



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I actually ended up picked up a 2nd hand LG SN11RG which arrived yesterday. Very very impressed with initial tests with rear speakers not even in their final location.

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