Question Worth upgrading Samsung E6500 to SONY KD-65XD9305 ?

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I’ve had my sammy e6500 since 2012. Love it, never had a single problem. Do blurays, a lot of PS4 gaming, and YouTube/Hrodna stuff with a connected computer. The TVs OS is horrible, never use it. and responsiveness wise ...waiting for the screen to come on from off, the time it takes to change sources and any thing remote/OS-based generally frustrates me now. it’s Sluggish and slow. I’ve got it hooked upto Sonos via optical for sound so adjusting volume is also laggy but tolerable. The performance responsiveness of it + what now looks like thick bezels and the 1080p res have had me looking elsewhere and pondering an upgrade.

A friend has offered me their Sony KD-65XD9305, which is 5“ larger, 4K and seems to have similar reviews (albeit worse 3D performance which i never use anyway) but because it’s only a 2016 model, I’m wondering is it worth the upgrade. He wants 500 quid.

Is the jump between the two TV’s worth it do you think, and what of any difference in image quality going from a (superb?) 2012 Plasma, to a 2016 LCD?

Just looking for your expert personal opinions and any advice really as I’m clearly unsure. What would you do/recommend?


When you were describing the OS of your Samsung I thought you may be describing the Sony. Their 2016 models like the XD93 didn't fair well in this regard.

Apart from that it should be a good upgrade on your old TV, particularly with the advent of HDR and you certainly won't beat it paying the same money now for a new TV.


Depends what models you are comparing. Its more or less similar to Sony's XF9005 or newer XH9005, the main differences are its an edge lit model with higher peak brightness whilst those are direct lit with lower peak brightness.

The XG9505 or newer XH9505 will be a step up over them.

But those are expensive TVs, much more than £500. No TV as cheap as £500 new is going to be able to look good displaying HDR.

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