Worth upgrading from PS3


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Hey everyone,

I currently have a Pioneer LX55 paired with soem Kef eggs 3005SE and a Samsung 46D8000 and im currently using a PS3 to watch Blu-rays on but I quite like the idea of matching my Pioneer amp with a Pioneer BDP-LX55 as it would allow me to control everything from my iphone but is it really worth spending the £300 to upgrade the PS3?

How much picture and sound improvement could I expect?

I dont really use the games part of the PS3 so it is literally just a blu-ray player


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How much picture and sound improvement could I expect?
None ! Well , maybe a little in the sound department but thats only because of the fan on the PS3 , otherwise , nothing.

Almost all BD players perform identically when handling blu ray content. There is little to no difference between any of them.

In handling other content , such as upscaling of DVD , again the PS3 is in a class of its own and better than most because of the scaler it has and the speed of its cell processor.
It will certainly outperform an older BD player like the LX55.


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Damn was hoping id be able to justify spending the money as controlling both from my iphone would have been nice! Guess ill stick with the ps3 then.

Also seems the bdp-lx55 isnt quite up to the standard of the rest of the pioneer range which is a shame as it would have been a good match with my lx55 receiver:(

Thanks for the help!


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Why not sell the ps3 to fund a Sony BDP-S370. That will do everything as well as the PS3 except play games. It will also leave a bit of cash in your pocket.


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Because the main point was to allow integration with the pioneer icontrolAV iphone app. I wouldnt see the point in swapping to a different sony blu ray
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