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Question worth Upgrading From Denon X3400H?


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I currently have a Denon X3400H AV receiver, hooked up to my 5.0 Dali Opticon surround system (i’m not using a sub).

Primarily I listen to 5.1 music and concert dvd’s And Blu Rays.

I’m using the front left and right pre outs to connect to an Arcam SA20 intergrated amplifier, so essentially the Denon is just running my centre and rear speakers.

I’ve just bought a Pioneer LX-500 Blu Ray player. Would there be any benefit in replacing the Denon with a matching Pioneer receiver, considering the limited function the receiver has in my system?


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I'd be questioning why you bought the Pioneer LX-500 player?

If you did have a Pioneer receiver then that would allow you to utilise the only thing this player really has that you'd not get via any other player. The UDP-LX500 includes Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) feature, which allows a Pioneer AV receiver to act as the digital master clock in your system. This is intended to address the matter of jitter that was considered an issue associated with HDMI's reliance upon the video clock for audio timing. Denon had a similar system in association with their higher tier Blu-ray players and AV receivers. I've read several people posting in relation to such systems stating that it made no audible difference to the audio that they could discern.

This player doesn't even include multichannel analogue outputs which is something you'd ordinarilly get with a player costing £1K and would be something aomeone wanting to exploit SACD may want. Such high end players ordinarilly include better DACs or analogue audio output stages that would benefit audio performance. This player has none of this.


I have a Pioneer LX58 player connected to my Denon X6200. It's pretty sweet and I have no jitter problems. In fact I also have a Denon 3313 player hooked up and there is no jitter problems with that either considering I've not bothered with the Denon link. There is no real reason why you should upgrade as the Denon has a superior room EQ to the Pioneer, especially as you have the fronts running off the Arcam.

I'm considering the LX500, not for sound, I prefer to listen to my SACDs as stereo sourced through my Marantz SACD player, but for it's 4K capability and general audio strengths over other some other players on the market. It's a steep old price though at £999. Actually had an audition of it yesterday as I bought a 65'' OLED from the dealer.

I do think that you are missing something in not having a sub, the .1 can really underpin the bass on 5.1 SACD and video concert content.

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Have to agree with @gibbsy not having a sub means that you really are missing out on that low end extension. Even dialled right back, it will fill that bottom end gap that you may not know that you have, but I guarantee that once you have had a sub in there, you will miss it. I run a sub on all 3 of my AVR setup and even on my Anthem, which is purely 2 channel, which I mostly run at low volumes, it just makes it feel right.

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