Worth upgrading Denon 2910 to 2930?



I am currently using a Denon DVD-2910 with a Panasonic PWD8 SD panel. Unfortunately macroblocking issues with the HDMI output of the 2910 have forced me to use only the component outputs of the player, and leave the screen do the de-interlacing. This leads to sound-sync issues with several discs, but as a problem it is less common that the macroblocking issue, which is apparent on pretty much everything. I understand that the macroblocking issue is to do with the de-interlacing chip in the 2910 and is commonly observed on Panasonic panels.

I'm now wondering if the macroblocking issue is still apparent with the new DVD-2930 which uses a different chip. Has anyone used the DVD-2930 with a PWD8 panel, and if so was macroblocking evident? At the moment I'm considering whether it would be worth upgrading to the DVD-2930, or even the DVD-3930 if the improvement in image quality would justify it (at the moment I'm only using a SD panel so the up-scaled output is not an issue, but obviously I'd like to be as future-proof as possible as far as HD is concerned!).

Any advice or opinions gratefuly received!


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The only macroblocking you'll see on the 2930 or 3930 will be if it's in the actual source. As you mentioned, the 2910 shows it because it's inherent in the Faroudja chip.

Best bet would be a demo to see if you think if it's worth upgrading or not.

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