Worth upgrading a 5yr old receiver? (STRDB925)


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I have a Sony STR-DB925, still going strong though the remote died.

dtls here:

I was looking at the Marantz SR5400 as an upgrade:


I have Mission speakers (the cinema one package that is about 4 years old), my DVD player is also nearly 5 years old but I may keep that and get a recorder as well with more 'new' features.

Basically want opinions as to whether its worth making the upgrade, will there be a large step up in quality with the newer technology, the 6.1 is not an issue as I don't have the space for another centre, I'm more interested in sound quality and whether my amp will have aged badly.



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Take my comments with a pinch of salt as I've heard neither of the receivers you mention above, but for what it's worth, I don't believe the technology has made leaps and bounds, and if you're happy with your current Sony then maybe look elsewhere for upgrades.

Looking at your equipment above - and without knowing the model number - I'd seriously look at your dvd player. Whereas older amps/receivers/processors can still hold their own, in my personal experience I've found that the quality of DVD players has improved ALOT over the years. Depends whether it's audio or video side that you're more picky about, but I bet that improvements can be found in the video side by looking for a newer DVD player (depends of course on your display, and what current model you have:)).


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Interesting, its hard to know whether I would get an increase in quality without individually testing set-ups at home. I confess I think the sound is excellent (though a bit weak on music) but I am just getting the upgrade itch!

My DVD player is very old and I think it could be an area for improvement, this model:


Bought at the time when DVD's were just starting to filter into the high street shops in about late '99.

My TV is a low-end Toshiba widescreen (about £450 4.5yrs ago) but I have always fancied a projector.


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I had the one before that, the DV-505:) Was identical to yours except the 505 didn't decode DTS (yes THAT'S how old mine was:D).

I changed it and was gobsmacked by the image improvement that a cheaper mid-range player gave, although this was on a 48" rear projection TV.

Best bet is to try and get a home demo, or buy from somewhere like Sevenoaks/Richer Sounds so that you can return it for a refund if there's no improvement (but there will be).

Best ask in the DVD section, but you can't go wrong with the Pioneer 656a (under £200 from RS).

Just my 2 penn-o'worth:)


Is its worth upgrading...?

That's a good question my answer would be YES for the main reason Pro Logic 2 :) It is really a large improvement and makes such a difference to non DD programs.

6.1 over 5.1 is cool but PL2 is a BIIIIG Improvement. IMHO.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


2manyconsoles - I'd suggest that you'd get the best improvements by upgrading both your player and your amp.

Smurfin's spot on about some the biggest advancements of recent years being achieved with DVD players. The Pioneer 656a he recommends (or indeed, its replacement, the 565A) are vastly superior to your 515 in both features and performance. But, IMHO, your money might be better spent on a bigger upgrade still - Denon's DVD2200 is worth checking out. As are Pioneer DV757Ai players, which are being sold-off for well under £500 these days.

The marantz amp you suggest is about as good as you'll get an amp for under £300. But this again then arises further problems in that its performance is going to be hampered by your mission speakers.

Your best bet is to listen - either in a store or at a mate's house etc - to a 'newer' system, as this will give you the best idea of the advancements that've been made over your current equipment.

If you live close to myself you're welcome for a demo of my own kit when I get my new amp - have to settle with a 21" CRT though :laugh:.


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The speakers won't have aged badly, they just weren't very good in the first place (imho). I'd add that it's all relative though, at first I thought the missions sounded good but I heard the speakers in question against some others (can't even remember which) but they sounded muddied by comparison.

The sub is also a weak point, but there is the argument of: "well where do you stop?"

So the important question is....what's your total budget? We can go from there:)


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At the time there weren't that many packages available and I didn't have that much cash (cost was £300), I think it was the best choice from what I could see around, didn't have net access then either so far less info around, I was going to get the package above that which came with floorstanders but was told the cheaper cinema one package was superior.

My TV is not great but I don't want to replace that and I really fancy a projector, something like the Panasonic ones that come in just under a grand so I can take advantage of progressive scan and make the upgrade more substantial.

Budget, well thats tricky because I have lots saved so I could dip into that for any amount I fancy but I'm a bit cautious (been guilty of 'going nuts' before) plus I can picture my fiancee saying :nono: even though the cash is sitting there I prefer to buy bit by bit.

So I guess I'm insterested in:

Receiver that does a good job with music somewhere around £400-£450 mark, similar price mark for a dvd player, say £350 for new centre and fronts, I already have stands for the fronts and I don't want anything huge/overpowering size-wise.

I'm flexible on prices if the right thing is available but I can't justify spending too much as I have to start house hunting in a year so the lower the cost the better.


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Having just gone through the exact same process, replaced my STR-DB925 with an Onkyo AV box with many HDMI inputs I would say yes it is work upgrading your receiver/amp if you are also upgrading other peripherals (DVD player/HD Sat box/XB360 etc) as you can link everything using just HDMI leads.

Makes for a much more tidy space behind your AV gear and saves any issues with using add-on HDMI switch boxes.
As previously stated the updated ProLogic2 does make a big difference to non DD sound so for that alone its worth upgrading.

The only disadvantage is finding a suitable home for the Sony box, it still works perfectly and deserves to be used (its too good to dispose of!), but its overkill for my parents and my kids don't have their own DD set up. Due to the substantial bulk and weight it's not practical to sell through eBay etc, so it sits gathering dust in the dining room :blush:

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