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Worth replacing Seat Alhambra?


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We currently have a 2008 Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDi. It has been a good car, very practical, but has had a couple of expensive repairs in the 4 years we have had it.

We have sat down and reviewed what we are spending and worked out that it is costing us at least 250 / month to keep it on the road (tax, repairs, tyres, fuel. insurance etc) and would like to reduce that if possible. We tow a trailer about or 4 times a year for camping but otherwise don't use it all *that* much. Just run about town and odd trip to see family.

The maintenance adds up though, it chews through tyres like nobody's business. I have been looking at some alternatives such as maybe a second hand Prius (don't think they tow though) or replacing with a sightly older petrol Toyota thinking that they should need less servicing anyway.

I have some vague thoughts about getting a petrol as opposed to diesel as I think they can be simpler in terms of servicing etc plus potential tax/environmental aspects.

I guess it might just be worth keeping it and using it less as the best course of action, although I'm worried about expensive repairs as the car gets older. Anyone been through any similar thought processes?


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I'd be surprised if you could get substantially cheaper for the same size car, certainly I wouldn't expect lower tax on a petrol at the moment.
The only thing I can say with certainty is you can't tow with a Prius - my Dad has one and it's his only real regret with it. If you only need a large car a few times a year then it might be worth pricing up rental for those trips - you may be surprised.


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Toyota/Lexus doesn't allowing towing with any of their hybrids except the 4x4s which use a different (and much less efficient) hybrid system.


If costs are an issue, switching to a petrol would be madness as your fuel bills would rocket on a car that size.:confused:
Diesels are no more expensive to service than a petrol, it's a myth.
If you have environmental issues with diesels, that a whole different argument and I'm bowing out.

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